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Horowitz: German insurance claims hint at millions of unreported vaccine injuries

What if 1 in 23 individuals jabbed with the COVID bioproduct experienced an adverse reaction strong enough to trigger an insurance claim? Now consider the fact that 5.31 billion people in the world received at least one jab, with hundreds of millions rece

Health & Fitness | Covid vaccine

What COVID Jabs Are Doing to the Immune System and How the Injured Can Heal – [your]NEWS

Jab-induced spike injuries are on the rise, but in order to heal, the injuries must first be recognized

Health & Fitness | Covid vaccine

At least 271 deaths, 9,845 adverse events after COVID vaccination so far: CDC data

The data indicates that the deaths, reported by the vaccine injury tracking system for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, mostly occurred within 48 hours of the vaccine being administered