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Horrifying Security Camera Footage Shows Robber ‘Executed’ A ‘Very Gracious’ Store Clerk: Police

A horrifying video showed a murder that unfolded in Tupelo, Mississippi, at a convenience store on Sunday where a “very gracious” man working at the store was allegedly “executed” by the suspect, police said.

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VIDEO: AOC Ignores Crime Stats; Claims Crime Surge Is ‘Hysteria’

US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), illustrated just how bereft of the facts she is this week by declaring that anyone who believes...

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Hyper-Partisan Carville Tells Democrats to Lie About Crime Spike to Win Mid-Terms

In keeping with his reputation of being a disingenuous spin-doctor, Clinton-era Progressive mouthpiece James Carville is urging Democrats...

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VIDEO: Another Black-on-Asian Violent Crime, This Time in Baltimore

In what seems to be a never-ending stream of Black-on-Asian violent crimes, police arrested Daryl Doles, 50, who was caught on camera...

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The Podcast | Underground USA | United States

The "defund the police" movement has caused a great many police officers either retire or leave the profession in escalating numbers. Because of that a spike in violent crime in many urban centers is happening and people are dying as a result. So, how sma

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Mainstream Media Censors Reports to Exclude Descriptions of Black Assailants

The mainstream media continues to report on the statistics of assailants that are perpetrating high-profile violent crimes and they are...

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Migrant Sets Woman on Fire on Paris Bus in No-Go Zone

In another in an ongoing string of disturbing attacks in France, a 54-year-old woman traveling on a bus in the Paris “no-go” district of...

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2021 See 45 Law Enforcement Officers Shot, 11 Killed in First Two Months

In the age of the Defund the Police Movement – fueled by the false-narrative that law enforcement is plagued with systemic racism, 45...