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Wikipedia disciplines editors in Holocaust distortion dispute but sidesteps debate over Polish complicity

The online encyclopedia didn’t take a position on the underlying dispute over Polish antisemitism and complicity with the Nazis, instead focused on whether editors adhered to the community's code of conduct.

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Wikipedia Editors Deliberately Distorted Holocaust Articles

For over a decade, a group of nefarious editors has been distorting Holocaust entries.

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David Collier: How Wikipedia butchers history and promotes terrorism

Wikipedia does not even try to maintain balance. It has editors that deliberately butcher history to demonise Jews, Zionism and Israel

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Make no mistake - Wikipedia is at war with the Jews

Wikipedia is overrun with antisemitic editors -rewriting history - and demonising Israel Make no mistake - Wikipedia is at war with the Jews

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Wikipedia's Co-Founder Starts Free-Speech Alternative to Now Leftist Platform

One of the co-founders of the online, community-generated encyclopedia, Wikipedia, has announced he is launching a competing website...

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Wikipedia Editors Brand Capitol Building Unrest As a ‘Coup’ Attempt, Slant Election-Related Content

Editors at Wikipedia, the often quoted community-sourced online “encyclopedia,” have turned to distorting the facts of the January 6, 2021 Capitol Building event, going so far as to categorize the unrest as a “coup,” this despite objections from m

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Israel: How English Wikipedia Parrots the Arab Narrative of 1948

Supporters of Israel should get involved, achieve the 30/500 status that allows them to edit articles about the Conflict and make English Wikipedia much more accurate and balanced.

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Sex, lies and Wikipedia: Pro-Palestinian editors accused of protecting Linda Sarsour over harassment claims

Allegations that the American-Palestinian activist enabled sexual assault have repeatedly been deleted from her Wikipedia page, raising claims that some editors are inserting the Israel-Palestine issue into an unrelated matter

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In a first, Wikipedia has deemed the Daily Mail too “unreliable” to be used as a citation

"The Mail should be on the citation blacklist. There's no area of news where it is actually reliable."