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The Whiteness of Wokeness | PragerU

Most people advocating for radical social change on behalf of people of color are not themselves people of color. How do you explain that? Wilfred Reilly,…

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Disney’s Demographic Fantasia and the ‘Underrepresentation’ Con

Anyone over 30 probably remembers a refrain, common among influential people in business, politics, and media at the end of the 20th century: “We need a [fill…

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Medical Doctor's Nonsensical Tweet About Motherhood Is What Happens When Feelings Replace Science

What is a woman? In the year 2022, science has gone backward. Some people in this country know but won’t say it. Some don’t know. Some have smothered their answers

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Medical Student Purposely 'Misses' Vein With Needle When Patient Laughs at Her Pronoun Button

A woke fourth-year medical student at the Wake Forest School of Medicine purposely “missed” a patient’s vein when he giggled at the student’s “she/her” pronoun pin....

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College Newspaper Pulls Article Because It Quoted Too Many White People

They've uncovered systemic racism.

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Texas ELEMENTARY school hosts pride week with 'confidential' community circles

A Texas elementary school is hosting a pride week for students, complete with planned programs from social-emotional learning to teaching students about social justice.

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Woke America: Goodbye, Fort Bragg. Hello, Fort Tubman?

In 2020, Donald Trump threatened to veto the entire defense bill if Congress had included an amendment that would have renamed nine military bases

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The Identity Cult: On the mass conversion of our institutions

Linking to a Sesame Street celebration of “Latinx culture,” Antonio García Martínez, sharpest wit on Twitter, wrote last fall: “One of the great mysteries is how every elite institution, from universities to corporations to media to even Sesame Street, all spontaneously coalesced on the same narrow set of values all of a sudden.”

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Netflix Turns the Wokeness Up to 11 with a Race and Gender Swap In a Show About Vikings

Netflix jumps the woke shark with a race swap for the ages.

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Award-Winning HIV Researcher Forced Into Re-Education For Dressing Up Like Michael Jackson

UW Medicine is helping ruin a woman who devoted her career to finding a cure for HIV. Her work is immaterial to its leaders.

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As Russia Wages War, US Army Trains Officers on Gender Identity

While Russia wages a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. Army is mandating its soldiers submit to training on gender pronouns and the treatment of transgender soldiers, according to an official Army presentation on the subject obtained by the Washing

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An Overlong, Emo Batman Bores With Allusions To White Privilege and Dismantling Systems

From the gritty 1970s era look to hints that our hero may suffer from some sort of psychosis, it seems fairly clear that writer/director Matt Reeves wants his Batman reboot to be viewed in the same vein as last year’s brilliant but polarizing “Joker.” The problem is, unlike the latter film, “The Batman” has no artistic courage. It allows mumbled references to “white privilege” and vague allusions to dismantling structures to stand in for a real point of view.

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‘Putin did us a favor’: Libs of Tik Tok presents the worst takes to come out of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

This invasion has really brought out the crazy.

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How Public Schools Are Sneaking Woke Ideology To Your Kids Behind Your Back — And In Your Own Home

"It found a way to smuggle propaganda into your home right behind your back, from its perch in our schools."

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How I was bullied out of Levi's by the intolerant woke mob

After all these years, the company I love has lost sight of the values that made people everywhere want to wear Levi’s.

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Five Movies to Watch Instead of the Woke Super Bowl

Instead of celebrating wokeness, turn off the game and turn on some movies that date from the days when Americans held the values that made this nation great.

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Cop’s Son Wears ‘Thin Blue Line’ Mask. Teacher Snaps, ‘That’s Not The American Flag. That’s The New Confederacy Flag.’

On Monday, a substitute teacher in Grass Valley, California, upbraided a 13-year-old student for wearing a mask with the image of the “Thin Blue Line” flag, telling the boy, “That’s not the American flag; that’s the new confederacy flag.”

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If It's Not an Election Year, Political Signs on Your Lawn Are Obnoxious

These signs are displayed on lawns across America where they stand with virtuous pomposity that demands you notice: someone in this house is better than you.

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Diversity Training Tells Teachers That Kids Aren't 'Racially Innocent'

A number of teachers in the UK have been told that kids as young as seven years old are not 'racially innocent'

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Poll: White Liberals 9 Times More Likely Than Hispanics To Use ‘Latinx’

White liberals are at least nine times more likely than Hispanics to say "Latinx" is the correct term to describe individuals of Spanish-speaking heritage, according to a recent poll.

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Major University Accuses Its Own Mascot of White Supremacy, but Now Everything's 'Okay'

Call it a gesture of antiracism.

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Biden Hassles Religious Colleges for Not Going Woke - The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Joe Biden’s Department of Education is launching investigations into religious colleges that refuse to bend to his LGBTQ agenda. It...

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BBC slammed for making ‘woke cuts’ on classic shows including Dad’s Army for racial slurs

BBC has been slammed for making 'woke' editing cuts in classic shows such as Dad's Army and Steptoe and Sons for their racial slurs and misogynistic views.

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Wokeism Is a Cruel and Dangerous Cult

Wokeism has been described by its critics as the omnipresent use of race—and to a lesser extent, gender—to replace meritocracy and thus ensure equality of…

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M&M Characters Are Becoming ‘Inclusive’

The beloved M&M characters are becoming more “inclusive” with several changes that are subtle but noticeable.

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'Cobra Kai' Is Netflix's No. 1 Because It's Anti-Woke

The most important lesson from 'Cobra Kai' is that there are no freebies in sports or in life, and positive outcomes are earned, not given.

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I watched the FBI become so woke it can’t call out terrorism

The FBI has made a sea change in defining criminal suspects since the Obama administration and its attorney general, Eric Holder, set out to transform the justice system. Post-Obama, law enforcement hesitates to describe criminal suspects’ race for fear o

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NYT: Scientists Studying Privilege, Inequality in Animal Kingdom

Scientists, the experts we rely on to tell us how to live our lives, have been studying privilege and inequality among squirrels and other animals, according to the New York Times.

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In The Name Of Equity, Virginia County Wants To Ban Homework Grades And Other Standards

Arlington County, Virginia, recently introduced a proposal for a new grading system, based on the idea of equity, that would allow an unlimited number of retakes on assignments, ban extra credit, and would block grading on homework assignments, Fox News reported on Thursday.

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Top Real Estate Sites Remove Crime Data and Their Excuses Couldn't Be More Disingenuous

This "might" be the most ridiculous thing you read, today.

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There’s a card for asking your doctor not to weigh you unless it’s (really) medically necessary

Weighing you could cause unhealthy stress and contribute to weight stigma.

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UK School Bans Terms ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ to Describe Children’s Behaviour

A school has banned the terms "good" and "bad" to describe pupil behaviour to remove "emotional words" from classroom management.

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NBA’s Popovich: Italian-Americans Honoring Columbus Like Being ‘Proud Of Hitler Because We Are German’

Last Friday, after President Biden issued two proclamations, one which honored Columbus Day but cited “the painful history of wrongs and atrocities that many European explorers inflicted on Tribal Nations and Indigenous communities” and another that celebrated the day as Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the NBA

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Man Who Got NY Woman Fired Over Dog Park Incident Has History Of Accusing People For Social Media Attention

A man who posted a short video clip of a woman as he claimed she made a racist comment to him has a history of making accusations to his more than 100,000 followers on Twitter. His latest target, Emma Sarley, was fired from her job after she was identified as the woman in the video and her employer was contacted.

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Twenty Years After Durban, What We Still Get Wrong About Left-Wing Antisemitism

Supporters of the antisemitic BDS movement in South Africa have issued a cautious ‘apology’ for demanding the expulsion of Jewish …

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Sean Connery’s James Bond Was ‘Basically’ A Rapist, New 007 Director Says

Carey Fukunaga, who is directed the latest installment of the long-running spy serial, has claimed in a new interview that the 007 played by Sean Connery was “basically” a rapist.

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CDC Appoints Itself Language Police With Science-Defying Lingo List

In its latest lurch to the left, the CDC is instructing its healthcare partners to adopt anti-science language manipulation to satisfy woke demands.

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Detroit Tigers Announcer Suspended Indefinitely After Using Accent With Japanese Star Shohei Ohtani Coming To The Plate

Baseball announcers are having a difficult time during the 2021 season.

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WATCH: ‘Let Them Die,’ Top PTA, NAACP Official Says In Tirade About Anti-Critical Race Theory Parents

As parents concerned about politicization and standards-lowering in schools gathered in Fairfax County, Virginia, a top PTA and NAACP official led a counter-protest in which she ended a tirade about parents who oppose critical race theory with the exhortation, “Let them die!”

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The National Archives Provides a Chilling Taste of the Institutionalized Woke-ism Infecting America

A terrifying National Archives report reveals the Orwellian institutionalized Woke-ism threatening America.

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Be Safe: Don't Visit Your Dying Parent. Don't Leave Your House. Don't Get Married. Don't Have Children. Don't ...

As many observers have noted, staying safe has become a religion. “Safetyism,” as it is sometimes called, like all religions, places what it values — in this case, being safe —...

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Eliminating ‘Racist’ Entrance Exam Led to More White Students, Fewer Asians at Top High School

The number of white students admitted to the freshman class of the nation's top high school skyrocketed—and the number of Asian students plummeted—after district officials nixed the school's entrance exam in an attempt to boost black and Hispanic enrollme

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How a 'Wokestorm' Is Misleading a Generation About Israel

Defense of Palestinian rights has too often become a one-sided, distorted, often violent assault against Jews.

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The Latinx of the Iceberg › American Greatness

Until I attempted to use the word Latinx in conversation, I was unaware of its pronunciation. Apparently, it is not “Lah-tinx,” but “Latin-ex.” Oops.

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Anti-racist teacher stopped teaching Spanish because white supremacy

Anti-racist teacher stopped teaching Spanish because white supremacy. Jessica Bridges from Oklahoma State University preaches anti-racism during Women's Gender Studies Conference.

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Meet ‘Gegi,’ The Unicorn Schools Are Using To Turn Young Children Into Trans Activists

Young children are being instructed about gender by "Gegi," a virtual nonbinary unicorn, an educational tool that has been embraced by at least one school board in Ottawa and which heavily promotes left-wing "gender identity" activism.

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Hollywood Is Down With The Clowns, Produces 127 Woke TV Show Episodes Promoting BLM, Systemic Racism, and Defund the Police

Another Communist Goal Achieved
Goal number 21 of the 1963 communist goals is, “Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.” Well done, komrades....

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Socialists Are Children › American Greatness

In 1886, Henry James, who may be the greatest novelist of all, published what he considered at the time to be his greatest work—The Princess Cassamassima.

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‘Pick your fighter’: Here’s a Russian army recruitment ad and a US Army recruitment ad mashed together

At least the soldier with two moms is working with superior firepower.

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Victor Davis Hanson: Tuning Out Wokeism

If wokeness should continue and “win,” by now we all know where it will end up. After all, this is not a prairie-fire, peasants-with-pitchforks…

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New York courts prove that woke politics endangers Jews

A “bail reform” law led to the release of violent criminals who struck again and now to that of a man who vandalized synagogues. And still, the ADL and Jewish left are silent.

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The Democratic Party Wishes You a Happy 'Birthing People' Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 9.
Extremism is strong in Joe Biden’s Democratic Party.
So for Mother’s Day, the Democrats in the House have a gift for all you moms out there. They&...

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The Who’s Roger Daltrey Slams ‘The Woke Generation’: They’re Creating a ‘Miserable World for Themselves,’ ‘We’ve Seen the Communist System Fail’

Roger Daltrey, the lead singer of the rock band The Who, says it's "terrifying" to see "the woke generation" creating a "miserable world" for themselves.

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Joe Biden’s “Woke” CIA is a Hilarious Joke - Revolver

The Central Intelligence Agency wants you to meet the "humans" who have turned America's foreign spy agency into a crude joke.

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Nolte: The Narcissistic Cult of Woke Has Taken Over the CIA

A YouTube video proves the CIA is actively looking to recruit the most narcissistic people in the world — Woke Millennials.

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Disney's New Rules for Park Employees Allow Exposed Tattoos, Long Hair and Nail Polish on Men

Let it go...

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Victor Davis Hanson: Can the Great ‘Awokening’ Succeed?

We all know that we are living in revolutionary times. The origins, ascendence, values, laws, and future of the United States are all under assault by self…

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The Arrogant Cancel Culture Reaches the Sanctuary of Podcastland

It may not seem like a big deal to someone who has inked a $100 million deal with the outlet, but Spotify is quietly removing episodes of...

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Calif. Ethnic Studies Curriculum Accuses Christianity of “Theocide”

California’s proposed ethnic studies curriculum urges students to chant to the Aztec deity of human sacrifice.

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The Miseducation of America’s Elites | City Journal

Affluent parents, terrified of running afoul of the new orthodoxy in their children’s private schools, organize in secret.