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'Like ... a horror movie': Camper saves family of 4 from savage wolf attack - SFGate

It was about half past midnight when Russ Fee woke up to the sound of frantic shouts coming from a campsite next to his in Canada's Banff National Park. From within his tent, he listened, quickly discerning that the voices belonged to a man and a woman. T

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Wild Wolf Trapped in Ice Falls Asleep on Rescuer Who Thought It Was a Dog

A wolf was rescued from the ice by a man who thought it was a dog as it slept on his legs on the way to the vet.

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2015 NFL Hall of Fame class: Bettis, Brown, Haley, Seau elected

On the eve of Super Bowl 49, the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced that Jerome Bettis, Junior Seau, Charles Haley, Tim Brown, Jerome Bettis, Will Shields, Bill Polian, Ron Wolf, Mick Tinglehoff are all headed to Canton.