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Yitzhaq Hayut-man - TheHOPE ~ התקווה The New Vision for Israel & Zion

Yitzhaq Hayut-man – TheHOPE ~ התקווה The New Vision  for Israel & Zion   Dr. Yitzhaq Hayut-Man. “And Ya’aqov dwelt in the land where his father sojourned, in the land of Kena’an“. The Hebrew (original) version is, “vaYeshev Yaa

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Reclaiming the term ‘Zionism’

Ryvchin: 'It is vital that our young people understand the story of Zionism, which is not only inspiring, but is inextricably linked to every phase of Jewish history'.

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IDF Paratroopers Accidentally Uncover Ancient Guard Tower from time of King Hezekiah

IDF soldiers connected with their Biblical counterparts when they took part in an archaeological dig, uncovering a guard tower from the era of King Hezekiah

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When San Bernardino Was a Mormon Colony

In 1851, 437 Latter-day Saints set out from the Great Salt Lake City to establish a Mormon foothold in Southern California.