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Listening to Your Kids in Times of Stress - Gordon Training International

It goes without saying that stress is all around us—and we’re all trying to keep our sanity. It’s also hard to listen to others when we ourselves

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Empathetic Listening - How to Listen So Your Kids Will Too - Hey Sigmund

Empathetic listening will deepen the connection with your child, open them up to your guidance, and grow their emotional intelligence.

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When to and When Not to Active Listen to Your Children

Blog post by: Lance Johnson (from the P.E.T. Participant Workbook) Active Listening is a powerful tool for helping children express and work through proble

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How the Evidence of Today Supports the Wisdom of Yesterday International

Why Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) Works Article by:  Larissa Dann More and more parents are educating themselves on the best way to bring up their