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Tell America’s Leaders to Stand with Israel!

Anti-Israel activists are calling members of Congress and telling them to abandon Israel. Make your pro-Israel voice heard by calling your elected officials to make clear you stand with our ally Israel against Hamas terrorism!

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Tsvi Bisk – AIPAC’s Betrayal of American Jewry and Israel

Tsvi Bisk – AIPAC’s Betrayal of American Jewry and Israel Despite the recent upsurge in anti-Semitic activity, we Jews have never been more secure. The two inextricably connected pillars of Jewish security are Israel and the American Constitut

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Ilhan Omar Enraged as AIPAC Calls Her Out for Supporting Jihad Against Israel

Ilhan Omar sees non-violent speech that dissents from her agenda as tantamount to violence, while turning a blind eye to actual violence by its friends.

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Obama, Netanyahu, AIPAC and the Jews

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) talks with then-US President Barack Obama, at the Mount Herzl national cemetery, in Jerusalem, …

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Anti-Israel AIPAC protester: "The Jews should be on their knees begging for forgiveness"

I spent nearly four hours interviewing, taping, and photographing anti-Israel protesters outside the recent AIPAC Conference. I found a combination of historical revisionism and conspiracy theories revealing the core anti-Jewish nature of anti-Zionism.

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Azerbaijan minister makes history by attending AIPAC, praises ties with Israel

Finance minister Samir Sharifov told the crowd: “Cooperation with Israel is not limited to oil supply; we are interested in widening cooperation in defense and the transfer of technology.”

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Bernie, ‘Proud To Be Jewish,’ Skips AIPAC. Instead, He’s Appearing With Israel-Hating Rapper

On Sunday, Senator Bernie Sanders, who has been boasting recently that he is “proud to be Jewish” despite his constant association with virulent Israel-haters such as Rep. Ilhan Omar and Linda Sarsour, will skip the AIPAC conference, which is devoted

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Nikki Haley Slams Bernie Sanders Over AIPAC Boycott: 'Go Back to Defending Castro'

US presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders speaks at a rally at Brooklyn College in New York, March 2, …

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Bernie Sanders, Surrounded By Anti-Semites, Attacks AIPAC. AIPAC Responds In Statement.

Socialist Bernie Sanders, the front runner in race for the Democratic presidential nomination, attacked the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) on Sunday and was subsequently condemned by the organization. “The Israeli people have the r


Why are Democrats skipping out on AIPAC?

Who's going to #SkipAIPAC? The hashtag campaign created by the anti-Zionist IfNotNow group is winning even when their demands that

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Anti-Israel Lobbyists Dwarf Pro-Israel Lobbyists. Here Are The Facts.

As AIPAC kicks off its 2019 conference in Washington, D.C., it is worth reviewing some basic statistics about this pro-Israel lobbying group.

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Analysis: AIPAC's moment to step back from two-state solution

AIPAC conference registered a first. It invited to speak an official representative from across the Green Line. Will it signal a more open position by the pro-Israel lobbying giant toward the Arab-Israel conflict?

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Omar Falsifies Record to Attack AIPAC

On Tuesday, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) targeted Israel and America's largest pro-Israel organization. A number of her tweets are factually unfounded.

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How Much Does AIPAC Spend on Lobbying? Less Than Beer Sellers, Public Accountants, and Toyota

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s controversial comments, repeatedly suggesting that the relationship between the United States and Israel is fueled by vast sums of lobbying money, have been condemned by several of her fellow Democrats. Still, her allegations

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Called it! Ilhan Omar essentially just confirmed that her apology was 'a lie'

"The congresswoman might not be 'unequivocally apologetic' about her anti-Semitic remarks after all."

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We already know Ilahn Omar is an anti-Semite. The question is, do Democrats care?

That Rep. Ihlan Omar, D-Minn., has made another statement peddling an anti-Semitic trope on Twitter wasn't particularly surprising. Her anti-Semitism has been obvious to any honest observer ever since she became a public figure. The only remaining questio

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AIPAC Hails Key Pro-Israel Provisions of Annual Defense Funding Bill Passed by Senate | Jewish & Israel News Algemei

The John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act passed by the Senate on Wednesday contains a number of key pro-Israel...

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Rice: Total end to Iranian enrichment is 'unachievable ideal' | The Times of Israel

American National Security Adviser Susan Rice alternated between reconciliation and pointed jabs during her address to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) plenary Monday evening, a speech marked by a detailed endorsement of the Obama administration’s position on Iran talks coupled with assurances that the US will protect Israel’s security.

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What shall AIPAC delegates do about Susan Rice’s speech?

AIPAC underway: What will the attendees do?

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Death knell for J Street?

J Street has whined about being excluded from the mainstream Jewish community, but it is J Street that has excluded itself from joining in community activities such as a solidarity rally for Israel.