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Water Found in Atmosphere of Planet Beyond Our Solar System

Scientists for the first time have detected water in the atmosphere of an Earth-like planet orbiting a distant star, evidence that a key ingredient for life exists beyond our solar system, according to a study published on Sept. 11.

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There may be alien life in our solar system, says Nasa

*/ There might be alien life in our own solar system, Nasa has announced. All of the necessary things to support life have been found on one of the moons that orbits Saturn. Enceladus has chemicals that when found on Earth tend to indicate life, suggestin

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Recently unearthed WWII essay by Winston Churchill posits that alien life exists | SOFREP

Winnie opined about alien life before it was cool, slow your role hipster UFOlogists.

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Earth-like Planet Discovered Near Solar System

European astronomers announced their discovery of a small rocky planet potentially hospitable to life circling the star closest to our own solar system—our nearest neighbor in a galaxy dense with unexplored alien worlds.

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Possible Signs of Alien Life on Comet: Philae Lander Detects Promising Features on Comet 67P - Yahoo

From Yahoo: Several features on a comet being explored by the European Space Agency's Philae lander indicate it could be home to alien life, according to two astronomers. While the comet has a black crust darkening much of its surface, astronomers have sp