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Victor Rosenthal - What's in the future for American Jews

Victor Rosenthal – What’s in the future for American Jews One of the favorite myths of American antisemites – of both the left and right – is that the Jews push America into wars for the sake of Israel, or for the sake of the Rothschild fortun

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Pollak: American History, the Passover Way | Breitbart

Imagine if we Americans learned history the Passover way -- not as something that happened in the past, but as an experience we ourselves lived through.

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Beyond Monticello and Mount Vernon: The Other Presidents’ Houses - NYTimes.com

James Buchanan was in a huff. Sure, he was president, and the Southern states were talking about secession. But in the old “all politics is local” spirit, he was also upset that landlords in his hometown, Lancaster, Pa., were refusing to rent to students at Franklin & Marshall College, where he served on the board of trustees. As a protest, he opened his own estate, Wheatland, to student tenants. While it seems unlikely, that, say, George H. W. Bush would have rented his seaside home in Kennebunkport, Me., to tourists, things were different in the mid-19th century.

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The 57 Most Powerful Photos In United States History

As we approach the our Independence Day let's take a look at the moments that shaped the United States. Starting with the advent of photography around the time of the Civil War, up to current events, these are powerful, raw and unforgettable photogra