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5 Symptoms of Repressed Anger

Many people see anger as something bad, something they need to suppress, hide away, or quickly undo. Contrary to this common impression, however, anger is a natural emotion—neither good or bad, it just is, and it serves a function.

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Dealing with Ms. Snark...Wait...Who's the Problem? - Workplace Coach Blog

Anger management and office politics

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Fuming in a traffic jam? Angry about waiting? Israeli researchers have an idea

Think concrete thoughts, says BGU team, as study shows people geared to abstract, big picture thinking react more aggressively to wait times than those who focus on the details

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Sleep Deprivation Makes Your Anxiety Peak

According to two new studies, a lack of sleep is associated with both increased anxiety and increased anger, both of which can also lead to further sleep deprivation, creating a cyclical problem.

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Five myths about anger - The Washington Post

No, venting and breaking things won’t really calm your rage.

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Feeling Angry? Take a Nap

University of Michigan psychologists make the case for a workplace nap room in an upcoming issue of the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

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How Threat Emotions Cause Us To Misread Our Partner

Whenever we’re anxious or angry, we’re prone to misread our partner. By learning to recognize how emotions shape perceptions, we can restore close connections.

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Management 101: How to Handle Passive-Aggressive Workplace Behavior

Janet wore a smile from the nose down; her eyes bore daggers. If I offered a Friday afternoon off for having finished a big project early, she “wished” it had been last week when she and …

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5 Areas Your Body Holds Onto Emotional Stress | Psychology Today

Research shows that we experience emotions in different parts of the body. Could our bodies be storing negative emotions and holding onto the past?