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This photographer wrangles his pet cats to create surreal family vacation photos

Photo retoucher Jim Lind's cats wind up in (mock) precarious situations in "Family Vacation."

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Easily Capture Animal Attitude in Your Photos With These Tips | Light Stalking

Animal attitude makes us smile, giggle and stare at an image a bit longer than a bird perched on a branch. Animals are not always perfect posers. However, there are a few essentials that can help improve capturing animal attitude in the field. These 5 1/2 essentials can apply to new photographers. They can also serve as a refresher to advanced photographers who want to “show some animal attitude.”

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20 Adorable Bunnies Sticking Their Tongues Out

Just when you thought that little fluffy bunny rabbits couldn't gt any cuter, they go ahead and stick out their little pink tongues and melt our hearts all over again. We only hope that you can handle how cute these 20 pictures of rabbits sticking out the

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Photographer Lives Her Dream By Taking Expressive And Playful Dog Photos

Black noses, grey noses, long tongues, short tongues – these many different noses and tongues, in all their shapes, colors and sizes, are what make Dog Breath Photography so wonderful. Kaylee Greer - the mastermind behind these creative photo shoots - a

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Here’s a bear hanging out on a hammock. You’re welcome - Lost At E Minor: For creative people

Yes you read that right. This is a photo of a black bear. Lying down on a hammock. A Florida neighborhood got the spook of their lives the other day when a

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Chini the Dog and Her Human Life

The SurgeonChini the Chinese Crested dog has done everything! Here are her many professions and lifestyles photographed by Irina Werning. You may remember Werning's recreations of childhood photos with adults. Her latest photo series is the Chini Project.