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Apple's Latest Response to Anyone Who Wants to Change the App Store Is to Toss Its Own Apps Under a Bus

A report highlighted the fact that third-party apps like Spotify and Netflix are more popular than Apple's alternatives.

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Apple extends deadline for developers to update their apps with WKWebView API - 9to5Mac

Apple today shared some news with app developers, this time focused on those who still have an app using the old UIWebView API. The company extended the adoption deadline of the new WKWebView API, and it also announced some improvements to the subscriptio

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Apple is (temporarily) waiving its App Store fee for Facebook’s online events

Last month, Facebook introduced support for paid online events — and because many of the businesses offering those events have struggled during the coronavirus pandemic, the company also said it would not collect fees for the next year. At the same time,

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Apple’s new App Store rules carve out loopholes for xCloud, Stadia, and more - The Verge

Apple has updated its App Store Review Guidelines, adding new clarifications as to whether streaming game services like xCloud and Stadia are allowed, along with new rules for in-app purchases for email services like Hey and digital fitness classes.

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Apple Purges Thousands of Unlicensed Games from China App Store

Apple Inc. removed more than 30,000 apps, 90% of them games, from its iPhone App Store in China on Saturday, Qimai Research Institute said.

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Apple will soon let developers challenge App Store rules | TechCrunch

Apple has announced an upcoming change to App Store rules that could mark a major shift in how the marketplace operates. Developers will soon be able to challenge not just the rejection of an app, but the rule that prompted that rejection. Bug fixes will

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Apple's App Store appeals process would make 'Kafka blush,' entrepreneur tells Congress

The entrepreneurs focused on Apple's App Store, which is the only way for most people to install software on an iPhone.

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Amazon’s Prime Video app disappears from the App Store [Updated] – TechCrunch

In what we understand was a “technical issue”, the Amazon Prime Video app disappeared from the Apple App Store, making it unavailable for new downloads or updates to users both on iOS and Apple TV. Twitter users began to tweet to Amazon for he

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Apple's revised policy for kids' apps allows devs to collect anonymized data and display ads

Apple has revised its App Store Review Guidelines with regards to kids apps and its upcoming single sign-on feature Sign in with Apple.

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Apple denies favoring its own apps in App Store search results

A new investigation by The Wall Street Journal has revealed that the company's own mobile apps are often first in App Store search results ahead of competitors.

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Interview with Apple's former App Store approval chief offers fascinating insight into the review process - 9to5Mac

A new interview with Apple’s former head of App Store approvals published today by Bloomberg takes an in-depth look at the app review process over the last decade and the team behind it. The wide-ranging conversation covers the early days from 2009, the g

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Some users unable to download or update App Store apps, faced with endless iTunes terms and conditions prompts - 9to5Mac

Some sizeable number of people are experiencing an issue with the App Store at the moment. On an affected account, when attempting to download a pending app update or a whole new app, users are pre…

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Apple Targeted as Malware Infects China Mobile Apps - WSJ

Some of the most popular Chinese names in Apple Inc.’s App Store were found to be infected with malicious software, researchers say, exposing a rare vulnerability in Apple’s iOS mobile platform.

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Best free iPhone apps: August 31, 2015 | BGR

Summer is almost over... but it's still not too late to get some paid iPhone apps that are on sale for free for a limited time. Today we've rounded up seven paid iPhone apps that would normally cost a total of $17 but that are all completely free to downl

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Best Free iPhone Apps: 7 paid iOS apps on sale for free, August 10 | BGR

It's time to start another week off on the right foot, and BGR is there to make it happen. Today's list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free includes seven solid iOS apps that would normally cost $15 all together to purchase, but if you act fas

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Affirmations? on the App Store on iTunes

Need a supportive, subversive, or often meaningless affirmation? This application will deliver a dose of what you need to reach your zen state. Click open and touch the feel button to get your wisdom. Facebook to share this affirmation with your friends and family.

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7 awesome paid iPhone apps you can download for free right now | BGR

After giving you our biggest list of the week on Wednesday, we're back with another great list of paid iPhone and iPad apps that are currently on sale for free.

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Best Free iPhone Apps: 9 paid iOS apps that are now free downloads

Yesterday's list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale was our biggest list of the week, but that doesn't mean the fun is over. We've got plenty more nifty paid iOS apps on sale for you today — nine apps in total.

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Best Free iPhone Apps: 9 paid IOS apps that are now free downloads

Another day, another list of cool paid iPhone and iPad apps you can download without paying a cent — and today's list is our biggest of the week. Yesterday's list had some rare gems on it, and a few of them are still free downloads as of the time of thi

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