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Smarter Than My Boss: I Threaten Her | Workplace Coach Blog

My boss is threatened by me; I'm smarter than her and now I'm paying the price. Since you can't change her insecurity, here's what to do

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How to Get Your Boss Fired (& Maybe Even Set Him Up) | Workplace Coach Blog

how to get your boss fired: concrete steps to take that can produce results

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High-horse Manager Critiques Me for Being Twice-divorced | Workplace Coach Blog

High-horse manager critiques me for being twice-divorced; four options that work when you "can't take it anymore"

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Toxic Boss: 5 Proven Strategies for Surviving the Negative, Controlling, Toxic Boss | Workplace Coach Blog

Toxic Boss: 5 proven strategies for surviving the negative, controlling, toxic boss

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Clues Your Manager Is Threatened By You & What To Do When This Happens | Workplace Coach Blog

clues your manager is threatened by you and what to do when this happens

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How to Tell When It’s Time to Quit Your Job to Protect Your Mental Health

Not sure whether or not you should quit your job in order to protect your mental health? Here’s how to tell when it’s time to let go, according to an expert.

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We Just Fired Our CEO | Workplace Coach Blog

We just fired our CEO: five action steps; why CEO's become corrupt

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Love your job but hate your boss? | Workplace Coach Blog

7 action steps when you love your job but hate your boss

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Looking for Mr. Goodboss | Workplace Coach Blog

Looking for Mr. Goodboss, tough love coaching if the problem is you

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When Your Boss Asks You to Lie - Workplace Coach Blog

Maintaining your ethics when your boss asks you to lie. How to tell the truth and keep your boss happy at the same time--in the short run.

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If It's My Supervisor Who Creates the Problems, Can I Keep My Job? - Workplace Coach Blog

When it's the supervisor who creates the problem, what recourse do I have if I get fired?

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My Job is at Risk from an Alcoholic Boss - Workplace Coach Blog

When you work for an alcoholic boss, realize you can't change their behavior

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Director Has Ice Water in Her Veins - Workplace Coach Blog

What can employees do when they work for a problem boss?

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When You Work for a Clueless Manager who Doesn't "Get It" - Workplace Coach Blog

What can an employee do when s/he works for a clueless manager who doesn't get it; how can s/he take the message higher?