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7 Tips for Better Barbecue, According to a BBQ Master

We asked Myron Mixon—a.k.a. the winningest man in barbeque—for some tips to help you nail it this barbecue season.

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20 Barbecue Recipes You'll Want to Make All Summer Long

It's summer, which means it's time to dust off the barbecue and get grilling. To that end, we've come up with a list of 20 barbecue recipes, including sides and main courses, that you can enjoy all summer long. Dishes include Dry-Rubbed Baby-B

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The Best Cornbread Recipe Ever For Backyard BBQs

This cornbread recipe is all about good ingredients and a lot of fat. Here's how to make a great cornbread at home every time.

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Easy BBQ Oven Pulled Chicken | Shredded Chicken Recipe with Sauce

Easy BBQ Oven Pulled Chicken can be used in a ton of other recipes. Shredded chicken makes delicious sandwiches, tortilla wraps, and more!

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Kansas City Residents Can Get Barbecue From a Vending Machine | Mental Floss

Jones Bar-B-Q in Kansas City, Kansas, is expanding their availability of smoked meats by stuffing them into a vending machine to enjoy during pandemic or less-than-sober hours.

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How to Grill Burgers: Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Grilled Burger

When grilling burgers, it's easy to make mistakes. Adam Perry Lang tells us 18 of the most common things you're doing wrong.

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How to Grill: Expert Tips and Tricks for Grilling All Summer Long - Thrillist

We hit up chefs and experts from around the country for some crazy simple advice on how to upgrade your summer grilling.

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Indoor Barbecued Chicken | Cook's Country

We discovered how to get outdoor grill flavor without leaving the kitchen.

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South Your Mouth: Baked Barbequed Chicken

An oven-baked BBQ chicken recipe for legs, thighs or leg quarters cooked low-and-slow that tastes like it came right off the grill.

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Drunk Brisket with Bacon BBQ Sauce | Hey Grill, Hey

Drunk Brisket with a Bacon BBQ Sauce is still holding strong as one of my most popular posts. Tender, melt in your mouth brisket in a rich bacon BBQ sauce!

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Instant Pot BBQ Brisket

Instant Pot BBQ Brisket - No smoker? No problem. This tender, juicy, flavorful Instant Pot BBQ brisket will not disappoint!

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Smoky Cherry BBQ Chicken

Irresistible notes of cherry, rye whiskey, smoke, and maple.

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What's Really Inside a Hot Dog?

We don't recommend reading this before your next cook-out.

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Honey BBQ Chicken with Ranch Slaw | Kitchen Meets Girl

Dinner is no problem with these easy Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwiches topped with Ranch Slaw. Just a few ingredients and a slow cooker is all you need for this family friendly meal!

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Crock Pot Whole BBQ Chicken - The Country Cook

This Crock Pot Whole BBQ Chicken is definitely a fix it and forget it slow cooker meal. Tons of barbecue flavor thank to the rub and sauce!

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Alabama BBQ Chicken | Cook's Country

We recreate this classic Alabama BBQ dish, one that features an ingredient unfamiliar to most cooks: white barbecue sauce.

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Shredded Barbecued Beef | Cook's Country

Barbecuing a beef roast until it's smoky and tender sounds like a great idea. But dry, bland meat isn't much reward for a day's worth of cooking. We find a better-and faster-way.

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Oven BBQ Chicken Breasts - melissassouthernstylekitchen.com

These juicy and tender Oven BBQ Chicken Breasts make a sensational entree for a weeknight meal. They’re super simple to make using bone-in chicken breasts that are rubbed with a simple barbecue paste then baked. During the last few minutes of cook

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Instant Pot BBQ Chicken - 3 Ingredients, 3 Steps

Sometimes the weather (or your energy) doesn't permit firing up the grill. This pressure cooker BBQ chicken (and the sauce) is the best alternative ever!

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Instant Pot Beef Barbecue

Get that cooked all day long flavor in a jiffy with this easy recipe for Instant Pot beef barbecue.

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Chicago Is A City Divided By Barbecue

The smoked rib tips and hot links of Chicago's South Side represent an indispensable regional barbeque style, but half the city doesn't know it exists.

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Meathead Goldwyn walks us through the variables in time and temp, smoke and heat

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Waring Commercial Waffle Maker Review

A detailed review of the Waring Pro Double Waffle Maker including the best place to buy online. Quality reviews at On The Gas.

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Breville Smart Oven BOV800XL – Heating Things Up

A detailed review of the Breville Smart Oven BOV800XL including the best place to purchase it online.

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Top 5 BBQ Grill Smokers Reviewed 2016/2017

Take A Look At The Top 5 BBQ Grill Smokers Rated by Our Team At On The Gas and Decide For Yourself Which One Suits You Best

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How vegetarians, gluten-frees, grain-frees and other L.A. food tribes ruined my BBQ tradition

Friday Night Barbecue — or #FNBBQ, because everything in Los Angeles needs a hashtag — began as a simple affair. It suited my preference for a lazy style of entertaining, one where you hose down the furniture beforehand and the melamine plates after

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Oven-Barbecued Beef Brisket - Spicy Southern Kitchen

This Oven-Barbecued Beef Brisket is so smokey and flavorful no one will ever guess it wasn't cooked on the grill!

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Delicious Oven Cooked Barbecue Brisket | The Foodie Affair

Tender oven cooked barbecue brisket is marinated overnight and baked for 5-6 hours for melt in your mouth tender meat!

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The Best Crockpot BBQ Chicken - Family Fresh Meals

This is going to be the easiest BBQ chicken you have ever made. I'm not joking! Nothing beats the flavor. This is The Best Crockpot BBQ Chicken recipe ever!

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The Best BBQ Across America: According to Experts!

The best Texas brisket, St. Louis ribs, Memphis pork, and whole-hog Carolina 'cue.

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A Korean Barbecue Guide to Los Angeles

Korean barbecue is an integral part of the L.A. dining scene: even Brangelina grill their own bulgogi.

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Q&A: Kitchen talk with Sylvie Curry of 'Lady of Q'

Think you've got winning barbecue? It's one thing to be a weekend warrior at a summer cookout, but it's another thing entirely to enter a formal competition. Sylvie Curry has been involved in championship barbecue for about 10 years, first as part of the&

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Yelp names BBQ joint in Big Pine, Calif., best restaurant in U.S.

Wondering what the top restaurants in the country are? Well, Bon Appetit has its list, Jonathan Gold has his list for the best  101 in Los Angeles , and now, the Yelp community is weighing in. 

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Chefs reveal their favorite foods to grill... other than burgers

You typically know what to grill at a cookout: burgers, hot dogs, brats, chicken, and steak. But occasionally you've got to up the ante a bit and try something new -- especially when your girlfriend's dad is watching. Also, why is he here? Did anyone even invite him? In the interest of making you look like a better match for Sonia, and charring up some killer stuff in the process, here are some famous chefs' tips for what to grill besides the usual suspects.

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Tips for the Ultimate Memorial Day BBQ!

Follow these tips and recipes from top pitmasters and a great Memorial Day barbecue is guaranteed.