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The awful cycling injuries I’ve seen are preventable – governments must build bike lanes

Our politicians should know that each time a cyclist lands in the ER with a smashed face or is struck and killed by a truck, it’s due to bad infrastructure

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Get em Krypty

Just don't park in the bike lane. Problem solved.

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Car blocking a bike lane? You might be able to report it and make some money soon. - Austin Monitor

In an effort to help city employees cite vehicles for illegally blocking bike lanes, the Urban Transportation Commission unanimously approved a “bike lane bounty” program at its meeting Tuesday night. The program, inspired by one in New York C

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San Diego installs counters in new protected bike lanes

Cyclists say the devices can debunk the myth that bike lanes are wasteful because no one uses them.

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Bike Lanes Don't Cause Congestion

Research from Europe shows bike infrastructure doesn't add to urban traffic and can shift mode share from cars to bikes and reduce the need for solo car trips.

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Love them or hate them, research offers financial case for big city bike lanes

Bike lanes come with their share of claims and controversies; beloved by some and bemoaned by others. But research suggests bike lines in urban areas can give businesses a boost.