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The Dreaded Workplace Birthday “Celebration” | Workplace Coach Blog

The dreaded workplace birthday celebrations; if you hate them, suggest a major revamp that creates value

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The Most Popular Song the Year You Were Born

From Bing Crosby to Ed Sheeran, these are the chart-toppers from the past 82 years.

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Dad Makes Optimus Prime Cake That Actually Transforms

A 6-year-old boy’s dreams came true when he ambitiously asked his parents for a Transformers birthday cake. YouTube user Russell Monro and his wife teamed up to make their kid a cake that actually transforms. Using a 3D printer, Monro created a moving p

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This Man Had the Longest Birthday Ever

Sven Hagemeier celebrated his 26th birthday for an incredible 46 hours by flying from Auckland to Brisbane, then back in time to Hawaii across the International Date Line. He had worked out that during those 46 hours, he would only have to spend around 13 of them in the air.