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UNPACKED – Watch: Is Birthright Israel Too Good To Be True?

UNPACKED – Watch: Is Birthright Israel Too Good To Be True? If you’re wandering through the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, you’re guaranteed to run into at least one or two groups of young Jewish tourists from across the world all experienci

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Victor Rosenthal – Birthright and Jewish Continuity

Victor Rosenthal – Birthright and Jewish Continuity Since 2009, the Jewish Futures Project at Brandeis University has been following participants in the Birthright Israel program to try to see how the program affected their Jewish identity. Since th

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New York Times' Partisan Reporting on Birthright Alternative Tour | HonestReporting

Ever wondered how fringe organizations like IfNotNow and Breaking the Silence wield so much influence on the public discourse on Israel? It's not because

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The real Birthright: Inheriting our Jewish story | The Jerusalem post

These sleights of hands and oversights rest on a bigger distortion – the barrage of claims that young American Jews are abandoning Israel.

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Birthright Israel: Why the Controversy? The real story. | HonestReporting

In recent years, controversy about Birthright-Israel has been making headlines. What is Birthright, why the controversy, and is it accomplishing its goals?

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NO HOLDS BARRED: The apotheosis of Sheldon Adelson

Where have we seen one of the foremost contributors to politics in the world dedicate his influence to the interests of his people over and above any personal consideration?

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An open letter to the participants who left their Birthright trip

These young adults affiliated with IfNotNow chose to feign ignorance. I’m conflicted. On the one hand, I am hesitant to engage with you because a response would give your rhetoric a degree of legitimacy. On the other hand, your rhetoric is so presumptiv

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Victor Rodack Stowed Away on an El Al Flight and Lived To Tell the Tale

These days it'd be pretty hard to walk without a ticket onto a boarding airplane bound for an international locale. Between the TSA and sniffer dogs, any would-be stowaway would likely see the inside of a jail cell pretty fast. But before September 11, in

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Itineraries change, but Israel trips go on

Noah Silver, 16, had looked forward to Camp Ramah’s summer trip to Israel for several years; his sister, who went two years ago, raved about it, as did other past participants. But his trip turned out to be very different.