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PODCAST | Surviving Both Biden & The COVID Vaccination Campaign

Listen now (28 min) | Before we get into the current segment of The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce, I'd like to play something for you that I got from a good friend of mine, Cameron. I find what is said in this opinion segment (f

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Why Do I Have Blood in My Stool?

Do you have blood in your stool? Find out about possible causes and what steps you should take.

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Blood Vessels Grown in a Petri Dish Closely Resemble Human Ones

The lab-made organoids are fully functional, the team reports, and could aid the study of vascular-related diseases such as diabetes.

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Without Context Or Cushion, Do Online Medical Results Make Sense? | Kaiser Health News

In some cases, information now available to people without talking to a doctor can be a source of confusion and alarm and the cause of more work for doctors because it comes without adequate guidance.

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Test Your Knowledge of What Blood Tests Can Tell You

Blood tests can tell you all kinds of things about your health. Find out how much you know about them with this quiz.

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Why Do We Have Blood Types?

When my parents informed me that my blood type was A+, I felt a strange sense of pride. If A+ was the top grade in school, then surely A+ was also the most excellent of blood types – a biological mark of distinction.