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Boeing Knew About 737 Max Sensor Problem Before Plane Crash In Indonesia

Engineers at the company discovered a problem with a key safety indicator light within months of the first deliveries of 737 Max. But it didn't inform airlines or regulators for another year.

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Why One Man Has Spent Years Building a Boeing 777 Out of Paper | WIRED

It might not fly, but Luca Iaconi-Stewart's ultimate paper Boeing 777 does have retractable landing gear and more than 300 tiny seats.

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Americans Sign $21 Billion Deal Ahead of Trump-Kim Summit

HANOI, Vietnam—Ahead of his historic summit with Korean leader Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump held bilateral talks ...

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This is Boeing's Starliner: the spacecraft that will take astronauts to the space station - Vox

The vehicle will ferry NASA astronauts to and from the International Space Station starting in 2017 or 2018.

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Boeing just patented a jet engine powered by lasers and nuclear explosions (BA)

With airplane makers constantly on the look out for new and more efficient ways to power their products, this laser engine is the latest idea cooked up by the engineers at Boeing. Modern airliners such as the Boeing Dreamliner are powered by multiple turb

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787 Dreamliner has amazing rehearsal for Paris Air Show - CNN.com

(CNN)There's a famous quote: "If you did it, it ain't braggin'." Boeing did it -- in front of a camera. An eyepopping rehearsal video Boeing released Thursday shows off its newest version of the Dreamliner aircraft — the 787-9 — performing some impressive and beautiful banks and ascents.

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Boeing Unveils Amazing, Slightly Terrifying New Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon

With pinpoint accuracy, this electronic warfare drone can black out opposing forces at will.

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Boeing patents 'Star Wars'-style force fields - CNET

Aircraft and military manufacturer Boeing has been granted a patent on a system that is designed to prevent explosion shockwaves from harming a target.