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Why I Always Visit a Local Bookstore When I Travel

A travel writer shares why local bookshops are a must on every trip she plans.

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Book Publishers Are Printing More #@$% Than Ever - WSJ

Expletive-laden book titles, some with strategically placed asterisks, are proliferating in cookbooks, memoirs, self-help guides, even coloring books for grown-ups—presenting challenges for bookstores and reviewers.

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Polaroid, vinyl...and paperbacks? Bookstore sales are up for the first time in 8 years - GeekWire

The battle between digital and analog is a David and Goliath match. But peddlers of antiquated products do have a magic slingshot: Nostalgia. It's a powerf

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Best bookstores in Chicago for new and used books

Shop the stacks for new and used books, from novels to nonfiction, at these top bookstores in Chicago

Books | Chicago Readers

Uncharted Books Promotes Literacy in Community

Logan Square's Uncharted Books has been engaging the community through literary and comedic events since January 2012.