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Ben & Jerry’s gets 'Bud Light treatment' after claiming July 4 that US sits on ‘stolen indigenous land'

Ben & Jerry's customers are in uproar after the company called for the U.S. to acknowledge that the U.S. exists "on stolen land" on the Fourth of July.

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You Either Believe in the Guaranteed Right to Free Speech Or You Support Oppressive Totalitarianism

While the mainstream media showcases its hypocrisy in the cancel culture’s attempt to force Joe Rogan’s podcast off Spotify, we should all use this moment constructively – and, in fact, instructively – to clearly identify the divisive elements in

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Israel’s Ice Cream Battle Heats Up as States Focus on Unilever - Bloomberg

Some state attorneys general are looking to punish Unilever, which owns Ben & Jerry’s, for the chain's decision not to sell ice cream in the West Bank and Gaza.

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Trump Urges Republicans to 'Never Submit,' Boycott Companies Over Georgia Voting Reform Opposition

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday continued his calls to Republicans and conservatives to stand firm against the campaign by several large corporations to openly oppose newly enacted election reforms in Georgia.

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"Retired" Terrorist Reveals the Biggest Threat to the Anti-Israel Movement

Prepared to be surprised to hear this "retired" terrorist reveal the biggest threat to the terrorists' new way to destroy Israel.