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Want to Raise Successful Boys? Science Says Do This (but Their Schools Probably Won’t)

Students—especially boys—need hours of physical activity every day and they aren’t getting enough.

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Boy Scouts, Now Accepting Girls, Get New Politically Correct Name | Daily Wire

Since we are no longer allowed to celebrate the differences between males and females, the Boy Scouts are set to admit girls into their organization, and with the new moronic confusion between "equality" and "sameness" comes a brand ne

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How do we help boys close the academic gender gap?

Sit still. Read quietly to yourself. Stop fidgeting. Such warnings are often directed at boys, but you may as well be asking them to do advanced calculus. Girls are more attentive, more organized and perform better socially and academically, according to

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How to raise boys: more sport, more hugs, more time with dad | The Times

In her new book, learning and behaviour specialist Noël Janis-Norton shows how to help boys reach their full potential