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3 Breathing Exercises to Calm the Brain, Reduce Stress, and Cure Anxiety

When you breathe correctly, you pump cerebrospinal fluid into the brain to reduce stress and cure anxiety. You've ...

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Research: Depression is probably not caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain

A new study from academics at UCL may change the way we view and treat depression. Find out more about the implications.

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Physicists overturn a 100-year-old assumption on how brains work

The human brain contains a little over 80-odd billion neurons, each joining with other cells to create trillions of connections called synapses.

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Jet lag cure: Could eye drops ease symptoms when travelling long haul? | The Independent

Cells in the eye are key to regulating humans’ circadian rhythm, according to a scientific study. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh found that a group of cells in the retina communicate directly with the region of the brain that deals with the

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Why are dreams such potent vehicles for the supernatural?

The world’s great religions and spiritual journeys emerged from dreams and visions. Neurochemistry tells us how

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Your Brain Has A 'Physics Engine' And Scientists Have Located It

The brain knows instinctively how to predict when accidents are about to happen.