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Man suspected of money laundering after $400,000 found in washing machine - CNN

The term "money laundering" was never more appropriate than this week, when Dutch police found around $400,000 stuffed inside the drum of a washing machine.

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Aaron Paul Discovers Bryan Cranston Living in Breaking Bad RV // Omaze

To celebrate Breaking Bad’s 10th Anniversary, Bryan Cranston (Walter White, aka Heisenberg) and Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) invite you to cook breakfast, not ...

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Which Breaking Bad Character Was Created Due to a Scheduling Conflict?

In the latest TV Legends Revealed, discover which classic cast member of Breaking Bad joined the show only due to a scheduling conflict!

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You can book Aaron Paul's ridiculously gorgeous home for $400 on Airbnb

If you've ever wondered how a Breaking Bad star lives, it's in a palatial, two-bedroom house in the bustling city of Boise, Idaho. And now's your chance to get a taste of the action.

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You're Basically The Only One Not Watching 'Better Call Saul'

"Better Call Saul" is currently the second highest rated cable show, second only to "The Walking Dead." That is basically the definition of a smash debut.

If you're not yet on board, you may soon be the only one.

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Walter White returns in Super Bowl Ad - Business Insider

"Breaking Bad" fans don't have to wait for the premiere of "Better Call Saul" to get their fix.

Bryan Cranston reprised his role as Walter White in the Super Bowl commercial for Esurance.

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Aaron Paul calls out Toys'R'Us and parents over 'Breaking Bad' ban hypocrisy - Yahoo TV

From Yahoo TV: When Toys'R'Us caved to a petition to remove all "Breaking Bad" action figures from their shelves, they probably thought that would be the end of it. They thought wrong.

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AMC Announces 'Breaking Bad' To Return For 6th Season; You Won't Believe This Plot Twist

LOS ANGELES, California -  If you were are fan of the hit AMC TV show Breaking Bad, then I hope you're sitting down for this news. Vince Gilligan, the creator of the much-loved series, has announce...

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Breaking Bad Alternate Ending (Video)

An alternate ending to Breaking Bad where Bryan Cranston wakes up as Malcolm in the Middle’s dad Hal Wilkerson, paying tribute to the classic finale of Newhart. via...