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Zoom Meetings a Train Wreck & Yikes, Breastfeeding? - Workplace Coach Blog

Effective Zoom meetings and breastfeeding on Zoomn

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Breastfeeding and coronavirus: Mothers with COVID-19 unlikely to pass virus if they use proper hygiene | Fox News

Mothers with coronavirus are unlikely to pass disease through breastfeeding to their infants, according to a New York-based study

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Any Breastfeeding -- Even If Combined With Formula -- Cuts SIDS Risk In Half

Even a combination of breastfeeding and formula feeding appears to help substantially protect infants against dying from SIDS in their sleep.

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7 weird things that happen when you're breast-feeding | Fox News

Alongside pregnancy and childbirth, breast-feeding is one of the most normal, natural things your body is capable of.

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Breast milk is best and free, so why is it a luxury for American moms?

In an immaculate mid-century spread nestled in the canyons of Beverly Hills, a Hollywood actress plucks her sleepy infant daughter from the co-sleeper bassinet attached to her bed and settles in for a cozy breastfeeding session. Soon, the child’s live-i

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Human breast milk protein could wipe out superbugs

There are also hopes that the protein could be used to fight incurable diseases such as sickle cell disease.