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A Drive Around London in 1926

In 1926, British-born filmmaker Claude Friese-Greene filmed the streets of London in breathtaking color. But only recently has the British Film Institute released an extract of their restoration of Friese-Greene's footage.

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British vs. English: What’s the Difference?

First, you have to understand the difference between England and Britain (and the UK, while we’re at it).

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Britain's current transparency approach is morally wrong - editorial

The British government is refusing to disclose whether it has safeguards in place to ensure that its aid to the PA is not underwriting the obscene “pay to slay” policy.

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Iran’s Jihad on British Soil

In response to the Islamic Republic’s execution of a British-Iranian dual citizen, the UK’s foreign office placed new sanctions on the regime last week.

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The Only Fully British Chocolate Bar To Exist Was Eaten By Queen Elizabeth

British candy company Rowntree's experimented in growing a cacao fruit tree and were successful in creating one small candy bar. Guess who got to eat it?

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The Failed British Double-Cross of Israel

Heretofore overlooked British General Staff documents demonstrate that the oft-marginalized Lehi leader Avraham ‘Yair’ Stern’s assessment of British intentions toward Mandate Palestine was correct

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Remembering the Supermarine Spitfire, An Iconic Fighter Plane of World War II

'Spit' pilots flew their first combat missions over Dunkirk during the Battle of France

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UK Prime Minister Liz Truss resigns after less than 2 months in office

Members of the UK Conservative Party say Prime Minister Liz Truss needs to resign amid chaos following an about-face on planned tax cuts during a time of economic instability.

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James Bond and The Beatles: the 1962 day that changed Britain

Sixty years ago today, both the Beatles' first single Love Me Do and the first Bond film Dr No were released. It was a remarkable moment that redefined a nation, writes Mark Allison.

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An Execution And An Exile: What Happened To King Charles I And King Charles II?

The new British monarch bears the name of a predecessor who was executed and another who was exiled.

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Queen Elizabeth II Dead At 96

The longest-reigning monarch in British history has died

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Liz Truss’s job won’t be easy — and the West needs her to succeed

A principled, conservative stalwart, former Foreign Minister Liz Truss has won the leadership vote of the United Kingdom’s Conservative Party to become Britain’s 56th prime minister. A formidable p…

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Palestinian brutality funded by Britain

Special report: PA thugs that killed human rights campaigner part of forces paid for by UK taxpayer

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One-Third of British Population Believe in Antisemitic Conspiracies, New Survey Says

An antisemitic graphic shared on social media blaming the COVID-19 pandemic on a Jewish conspiracy. Image: Hope Not Hate. A …

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Embattled UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson agrees to resign

LONDON (AP) — Prime Minister Boris Johnson has agreed to resign, his office said Thursday, ending an unprecedented political crisis over his future that has paralyzed Britain's government. An official in Johnson's Downing Street office confirmed the prime

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Britain: Jewish social workers left 'scared' over colleagues response to antisemitism

EXCLUSIVE Dr Paul Shuttleworth, from UK Jewish Social Worker Group, says:'It's uncomfortable being a Jewish social worker .. non-Jews are deciding whether we are allowed to define antisemitism'

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How Queen Elizabeth Has Impacted What We Eat and Drink 

Queen Elizabeth enjoys Earl Grey tea, gin cocktails, scones, venison, and chocolate cake.

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Rabbis receive anti-terror training after sacked professor repeats 'extremism' slur

EXCLUSIVE: Sociology professor David Miller, sacked from Bristol University amid claims he incited hatred against Jewish students, has republished parts of Iranian TV interview

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Alternate history: what if George III hadn't 'lost' the colonies

Professor Andrew Roberts tells Jonny Wilkes why a British victory in the American Revolutionary War could have led to the creation of an all-powerful English-speaking empire, governed from New York

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Pretending the Kindertransport was a part of a 'noble tradition' is ignorant of history

Special provision was made for children because Britain refused to let in their parents

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Pressure increases on the BBC - Melanie Phillips

Did the broadcaster draw false equivalence between Jewish antisemitism victims and their attackers?

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British School Cancels Winston Churchill, Replaces ‘House’ Name With 24-Year-Old Soccer Player

The names of Winston Churchill, the British prime minister who guided Britain through World War II, and Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling have been axed as school ‘house’ names at one British school in an attempt to promote diversity.

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When Was the Victorian Era, and What Happened During It?

The Victorian era brought changes that reached far beyond England’s borders. In fact, England’s borders also reached far beyond what we now know as England’s borders.

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Britain Slides Into An Antisemitic Sewer

Shocked platitudes don't cut it. Jew-baiting in Britain is out of control

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UK Secretly Testing Controversial Web Data Mining Tool

For the last two years in Britain, law enforcement and internet service providers have been quietly colluding to build and test...

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The Queen’s Guard May Have to Give Up Their Iconic Bearskin Hats

The 1.5-foot hats famously worn by the Buckingham Palace guards date back to the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

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New Oxford University Study Finds Almost 20% of Britons Believe Jews Behind Coronavirus Pandemic

A healthcare worker wheels a patient on a stretcher into the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center during the outbreak of the …

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Boris Johnson in self-isolation after catching coronavirus

Prime minister has mild symptoms and says he will still lead Covid-19 response

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UK Prosecutors 'Cannot Be Relied Upon to Bring Anti-Jewish Racists to Justice,' Antisemitism Watchdog Charges

A Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) car. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. The UK’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has decided to charge only …

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Female Chief Of Institution For Management Wants New Rules: Men Should Shut Up About Sports

A woman who is the head of a venerable institution for management in Great Britain has a new parameter she would like to see implemented in offices: reduce the time men talk about sports. Ann Francke, the Chief Executive of the Chartered Management Instit

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British People Explain How They Were Taught About The American Revolution In School

"British people of Reddit, how is the American Revolution taught in your schools?"–– This was today's burning question from Redditor Shamr0ck01, who did not, contrary to what you may believe, open a terrible can of worms and kick off an imperialist chest-

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Influential Corbyn-supporting Facebook page run by Hamas

The "We Support Jeremy Corbyn" Facebook page, which has 72,000 members, was run from the Gaza strip from 2017 until recently.

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New York Times Fabricates ‘Fierce Debate’ Among British Jews | CAMERA

Times' Benjamin Mueller cites a brand-new, marginal, fringe group while completely ignoring the large, influential, mainstream organizations in order to bolster the baseless fantasy

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Over half of British anti-Zionists also agree with anti-Jewish stereotypes

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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London Bridge horror proves we need new solutions to 23,000 jihadists in the UK

Two innocent people are dead because of the Government’s refusal to confront the threat Britain faces from Islamic jihad.

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British Jewish Newspaper Buckles to Hamas

On August 23, the Jewish Chronicle (JC), Britain's largest Jewish newspaper and one of the oldest Jewish newspapers in the world, published an apology and handed 50,000 pounds (more than $60,000) to Interpal, a British Muslim charity linked closely to

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Snap Expulsion of Key Tony Blair Aide Contrasted With British Labour Party's Reluctance to Discipline Antisemites

Alistair Campbell served as communications director to former British PM Tony Blair. Photo: Reuters / Andrew Winning. Former British Prime …

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5 Bizarre Habits Of Royals Through History - History Extra

Henry VIII had people kiss his bed linen every morning to make sure it was not covered in poison, plus four more weird royal behaviours through history…

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Antisemitism, Israel-Hatred Rife at Pro-Palestinian Demonstration Endorsed by UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn | Jew

Antisemitic placards at a pro-Palestinian demonstration in London. Photo: courtesy Campaign Against Antisemitism. Antisemitism and virulent Israel-hatred were rife on …

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Top UK Jewish Group Urges Labour to 'Look Itself in Mirror' After Party Member's Call for March on Hove Synagogue

Brighton and Hove. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. A top British Jewish group has called out the local Labour branch in the …

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British Member of Parliament Falsely Claims Video of Guatamalen Soldiers Beating Youths Actually Shows Israelis | Jewish

UK Labour MP Grahame Morris. Photo: Chris McAndrew. Member of Parliament for the UK’s Labour Party Grahame Morris became the …

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12 things you (probably) didn’t know about the Wars of the Roses

The Wars of the Roses were the civil wars fought in England and Wales between the Yorkist and Lancastrian dynasties between 1455 and 1485. Though historians can’t agree on precisely when and where the conflicts concluded, the general consensus is that t

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British Invasion: The Corbynization of the Democratic Party, and what to do about it

When the Democratic Party faced a revolt from its ranks for daring to propose condemning anti-Semitism, the scene gave those of us in Britain deja vu. The American Left is following the same script that led to the rapid radicalization of the Labour Party,

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British Museum Exhibit Features Postcard Accusing Israel of Ethnic Cleansing

A postcard showing maps accusing Israel of ethnically cleansing Palestinians that is featured in an exhibit at the British Museum …

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One in 20 British adults doesn’t believe Holocaust happened, poll finds

In UK survey to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day, 12% of respondents maintain the scale of the genocide is inflated; Holocaust Memorial Day Trust laments 'shocking' results

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20 best new pubs in Britain: from restored Victorian drinking holes to family-run micro-pubs - inews.co.uk

Looking for somewhere different to go for a pint this year? These brand new pub and bar launches are bound to give you some food for thought.

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Jordanian MP Who Praised Murder of Seven Israeli Schoolgirls Feted in UK Parliament

A Jordanian Member of Parliament who hailed the murder of seven Israeli schoolgirls in 1997 was feted in the British...

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British media blame Israel for Gaza’s economic woes. Gazans blame Hamas and the PA

These counterintuitive findings offer a rare honest glimpse into what Palestinians living under Hamas’s despotic rule in Gaza actually believe, providing a “compelling corrective”…

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POLL: Brits Overwhelmingly Reject Tory 'Soft Brexit'

The British public is opposed to the PM’s plan for a “soft” Brexit and almost a third are prepared to back a new, right-wing party.

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

In Britain, poll indicates, 23% ‘unwilling’ to have a Jew in the family

Similar number found in Italy, Germany and Austria in survey of 15 countries in Western Europe; the Dutch found to be most accepting

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I'm British, and I experienced the biggest culture shock when I started working in the US

The UK and the US are not all that different. But as a British person living and working in America, I experienced a huge culture shock at work.

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To Brits with knickers in a twist over Americanisms: don't get your panties in a bunch | Science | The Guardian

Many ‘American’ phrases are actually British but a new book argues why we say what we say reveals a lot about our cultures

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As Britain cracks down on weapons, criminals turn to acid attacks - The Washington Post

There were more than 700 acid attacks last year — double the number in 2015.

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Islam Poised to Pass Anglicans as Preferred Religion of Britain’s Young Adults

Islam has been gaining on Christianity for years in Great Britain and is now only one percentage point behind Anglicanism among the...

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How Does One Become A Knight?

Here are the answers to some of your most pressing knighthood-related questions.

History | History

8 Amazing Things Discovered During the Expansion of the London Underground

Europe’s largest engineering project uncovered countless historic treasures, ranging from bones to Tudor bowling balls.

History | History

The Secret World War II History Hidden in London's Fences

London's housing developments often feature a unique form of fencing: stretchers reused after World War II.

History | History

"Darkest Hour' - Churchill’s powerful ‘fight on the beaches’ speech: The words few people actually heard

As the 'Darkest Hour' debuts in movie theaters, the strange story of how people finally got to listen to Churchill deliver one of history's most stirring speeches.

Politics | Corruption

British soldiers should have 'cups of tea' with Islamic State terrorists, says Jeremy Corbyn ally

Christine Shawcroft - who sits on Labour's National Executive Committee - claims soldiers should 'get teabags out' rather than resorting to air strikes

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Here's How British and American Spelling Parted Ways | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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The Time a Cat Terrified Parliament | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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British man who launched Isil suicide attack was Guantanamo Bay detainee awarded £1m compensation

A British Islamic State fighter who carried out a suicide bombing in Iraq this week is a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who was paid £1 million compensation by the government.

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People Are Using Britain's New Plastic Money to Play Vinyl Records

The new plastic polymer £5 notes are bonkers. They can’t be crumpled, are extremely hard (though not impossible) to burn, and some wonky stuff happens if you shine a laser through the queen’s face. By far the strangest revelation about this Money Of

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How a Ragtag Gang of Retirees Pulled Off the Biggest Jewel Heist in British History

The police and public gasped at the audacity of the Great Hatton Garden heist of 2015, where millions in cash and jewels were taken from an underground vault in London’s diamond district. Mark Seal investigates the unorthodox daring of the perpetrators�

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Britain's election: rise of Scottish and English nationalists threatens old order | Politics | The Guardian

On 7 May, Britain goes to the polls. Voters are deserting Labour and the Tories in favour of resurgent Scottish nationalists and an English version of the Tea Party. The result could spell the end for the system as we know it

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Was the skeleton found in the Leicester car park really King Richard III? Experts raise doubts | History Extra

The discovery of the king’s remains in Leicester in 2012 made worldwide headlines, but now experts have raised doubts about whether we can truly say the bones are his. Emma McFarnon reports. This article was originally published in May 2014

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New genetic map of the UK shows which invasions created Britain's DNA

Britain has a long history of invasions: over the past two millennia, various armies from the Romans to the Anglo-Saxons conquered the bulk of the British Isles. A new genetic analysis of the...

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'Dirty Old London': A History Of The Victorians' Infamous Filth : NPR

In the 1800s, the Thames River was thick with human sewage and the streets were covered with horse dung, the removal of which, according to Lee Jackson, presented an "impossible challenge."

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Hundreds of British artists announce cultural boycott of Israel - Israel News - Jerusalem Post

Latest initiative is a reaction to what they termed “the Palestinian catastrophe” in Gaza.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Anti-Semitism in Britain hits record high

The most common single type of incident in 2014 involved verbal abuse directed at random Jewish people in public, according to the Community Security Trust.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Britain: 'Internet asbos' could be given to trolls who spread anti-Semitism

'Internet asbos' could be given to people who spread racial hatred on sites like Twitter and Facebook under news measures outlined for the UK.

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UK Chief Rabbi Told: Israel Fuels Anti-Semitism - Arutz Sheva

British media has long been accused of a strong anti-Israel bias, and even generating anti-Semitism. Those claims have surfaced once again when during an interview with UK Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis for International Holocaust Memorial Day on Tuesday, a TV anchor with Sky News went as far as to suggest that Israel "fuels anti-Semitism."

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British MP panned for saying Netanyahu in Paris made him sick | The Times of Israel

Israeli ambassador calls for 'forceful and immediate action' against parliamentarian David Ward after critical tweet

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That Debt From 1720? Britain’s Payment Is Coming - NYTimes.com

Prompted by record low interest rates, the British government is planning to pay off debts it racked up over hundreds of years.

News | Fun With Islam

Britain's Unrequited Love For Islam

Willing to be endlessly open and hospitable, Britain finds itself at a loss when that hospitality is neither respected nor returned. It is worth asking why British Muslims should have their scripture represented in the coronation of the new monarch, when

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Does Richard III's DNA question the Queen's right to the throne? Relative of monarch may have been conceived out of wedlock

Genetic analysis of a battle-scarred skeleton discovered under a council car park in Leicester three years ago has confirmed that it did indeed belong to the last Plantagenet king (pictured).

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The Final Days of King Charles II - Neatorama

The following article is republished from Uncle John's Ahh-Inspiring Bathroom Reader.Next time you feel yourself coming down with a cold, thank your lucky stars for 21st-century medicine.MONDAYOn the morning of February 2, 1685, King Charles II of England

Politics | Op-Ed

Memo to the BBC: The 'Far Right' Did Not Decapitate David Haines nor Rape 1400 Girls in Rotherham

Here is the news: in Australia, a plot by Islamic State sympathisers to capture random members of the public and chop their heads off has been foiled by security services; in Syria, two Americans and a British hostage have been beheaded by an Islamist nic

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Simon Schama tells UK Jewry to stop living in a bubble | The Times of Israel

United Jewish Israel Appeal dinner raises £3.8 million for Birthright and programs in Israel's poorest areas

News | Antisemitism Watch

British sports store turns away Jews, later apologizes | The Times of Israel

Security guard at a branch of Sports Direct fired after telling identifiably Jewish students: 'No Jews, no Jews'

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Scots Independence Genie Fires Separatist Dreams of EU Statehood - Bloomberg

A short walk from Edinburgh Castle, past tourist stores hawking kilts and tartan scarves, a church hall is about to become a patch of Barcelona for the day.

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Cameron to head to Scotland as independence campaign gathers steam - Yahoo News

From Yahoo News: By Angus MacSwan and Guy Faulconbridge EDINBURGH/LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister David Cameron implored Scots on Tuesday not to vote for independence in next week's referendum after an opinion poll showed a surge in support for a break

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200 Years Ago Today: The Burning of Washington, D.C.

(Mural by Allyn Cox, U.S. Department of State)Two hundred years ago, the United States was locked in a bitter struggle against the British Empire known as the War of 1812. For the new republic, the stakes were profoundly high. This became especially clear

Politics | BDS

Are Britain's students allowed to be Jewish any more? | Sam Gross | The Blogs |

Today, the National Union of Students in Britain voted to adopt a policy of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. Perhaps when universities re-start in the autumn, we should return with yellow stars sewn onto our clothes.

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UK Islamist Teachers Said Boston Bombings Were a Hoax

Teachers at the centre of an Islamist plot to take over British schools exchanged messages saying that the Boston Marathon bombings and the murder of soldier Lee Rigby were hoaxes.

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What British People Say, Versus What They Mean

A handy visual guide. By Today I Learned Something New .