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How Lifting Your Legs up Against the Wall Can Calm Your Mind and Reduce Stress

Looking for a simple yet effective way to relax after a busy day? Tired after an intense workout or long run? Legs-up-the-wall pose may be the answer, writes Sonam Nundoochan.

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When You're Overwhelmed, Simplify - zen habits zen habits

By Leo Babauta The feeling of being overwhelmed is extremely common in the people I talk to, and it’s becoming more and more clear to me that this is the default state for most of us. We’re overwhelmed by it all: all the things we have on our plates,

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Longer Exhalations Are an Easy Way to Hack Your Vagus Nerve | Psychology Today

Longer exhalations during each cycle of breathing in and out can combat fight-or-flight stress responses by hacking into the autonomic nervous system.