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Reduce Your Dog's Cancer Risks

Veterinary oncologists say that cancers in humans and in dogs are incredibly similar, in terms of growth and prognosis. That s good news for both species, as research of human or canine cancer may yield insight about and new treatments for this deadly dis

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Taking Care Of Your Teeth May Help Prevent Cancer - Study Finds

Oral health might play an important role in preventing cancer, two recent studies suggest.

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Cervical cancer study finds HPV test tops Pap smear - CNN

A new study finds that testing for HPV was linked with significantly fewer cases of precancer in a 48-month period compared with using Pap smear testing.

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Cancer Myths and Facts Quiz: What Causes and Doesn't Cause Cancer

Are artificial sweeteners, deodorants, or alcohol linked to cancer? Take this quiz on cancer myths and facts and find out.