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IG Report: Here Are The 17 Specific ‘Inaccuracies And Omissions’ In The FBI’s FISA Warrants Against Carter Page

A lot is being written about the Department of Justice Inspector General’s (IG) report about the FBI’s abuse of the FISA application process to obtain warrants to spy on Carter Page, a former Trump campaign aide. Talking heads will quibble about whether t

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FBI Testimonies on Carter Page FISA Reveal Broken Oversight Process

Carter Page, a U.S. citizen who was a foreign policy adviser to the Trump presidential campaign in early ...

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Judicial Watch Obtains Carter Page FISA Court Documents - Judicial Watch

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made the following statement regarding today’s release of 412 pages of documents about FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrants targeting Carter Page, who had been a Trump campaign a

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NSA Director Rogers Disclosed FISA Abuse Days After Page Warrant Was Issued

Just days after the DOJ filed the FISA spy warrant application on Carter Page, NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers notified the FISA court of abuses of the system by the FBI.

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Media Gaslighting Can't Hide Fact Trump Campaign Was Spied On

The media are still more interested in proving the Trump campaign treasonously colluded than addressing that FBI spied on a presidential campaign.