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How To Make a Foolproof Pan Pizza | The Kitchn

This lofty, crispy, extra-flavorful pan pizza is far superior (and way less fussy) than any other method for making pizza at home, giving you a crunchy crust and perfectly golden top every single time.

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2 Cast Iron Skillet Tips for Beginners

I wish I knew these simple yet game-changing tips before I bought my cast iron skillet.

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The Best Way to Clean a Cast-Iron Pan | Mental Floss

Good news—you can clean most messes in a cast-iron skillet with a little bit of soap and hot water.

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Cast-Iron Roast Chicken with Lentils and Walnut Vinaigrette Recipe - Ryan Angulo | Food & Wine

This roast chicken recipe gets extra flavor from the walnut vinaigrette that dresses the accompanying lentil salad. Get the recipe at Food & Wine.

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You Just Got A Cast-Iron Skillet—Here Are The Recipes You Should Make First

A cast-iron skillet is a versatile and useful tool to add to your kitchen inventory and is great for getting creative with one-pot meals. Who can say no to delicious recipes like BBQ Chicken Skillet Pizza or Skillet Chicken Parmesan? Your new skillet will

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8 Cast Iron Tips from a Cook Who Officially Ditched All of Her Nonstick Pans!

Kendra Marshall cooks every single thing in cast iron. If that's not commitment, we don't know what is. Here are her best tips.

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Make These 15 Skillet Desserts Because Cast Iron is the Best Bakeware

Cast iron skillet desserts are the kind of ooey, gooey one-pan wonders that just make every single night cozy.

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Cast Iron Baked Chicken | Cook's Country

Could a cast-iron skillet help our pursuit of juicy meat and lovely brown skin?