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A Ceasefire Will Not End the Israel-Palestine Conflict | The National Interest

A bad peace that does not address the issue of Hamas violence will only defer war to a later date. 

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Hamas Alone Holds the Keys to a Permanent Ceasefire

Hamas has guaranteed that innocent civilians will continue to die whether there is a ceasefire or not.

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Jonathan Feldstein – Israel: Ceasefire

Jonathan Feldstein – Israel: Ceasefire This week, Israel undertook Operation Breaking Dawn, taking out Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist leaders and cells engaged in threats of imminent attack. Israel reported that most if not all of the top

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PODCAST: Spendthrift Biden Taking Credit for a Ceasefire He Had Little to Do With?

As the Biden administration spends the United States into destitution courting hyperinflation that will kill your savings, the President took to the microphones to take credit for th Israeli-Hamas ceasefire which he had very little to do with. Does truth

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GAZA Ceasefire! Seriously??? Deep Dive on the Why Netanyahu Agreed to It

Why Did Netanyahu Agree to a Ceasefire with Hamas in Gaza? Watch this deep dive on the strategic situation to better understand this crazy situation.