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Lori Lightfoot defends ban on protesters on her block, citing her right to safety

Mayor Lori Lightfoot defended the Chicago Police Department banning protesters from the block that she lives, citing her right to safety.

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A proposed hyperloop could mean trips from Chicago to Cleveland in 28 minutes

Mayor Rham Emanuel is dead-set on building an express train that could make the trip from the Loop to O'Hare in 20 minutes or less, but there's an even more int

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Amazon's Race to the Bottom Puts Chicago Transit at Risk

Chicago's massive Amazon HQ2 incentive package could hit the city's transit budget hard.

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The last remains of old Chicago

Sometimes we get those nostalgic pangs for a seedier, grittier, neon-lit, noir Chicago. Thankfully, there are some last remaining traces of the bygone era of smoke-filled bars, coin-operated communication, gambling parlors and porno video stores. Here's where to find them.

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Hollywood in Your 'Hood: See Where Crews Filmed in Chicago in 2014

"Batman v Superman," "Empire" and "Sense8" were among the many productions to film in Chicago last year.

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Chicago Ridge mall closes after 'report of shots fired,' fight - Chicago Tribune

A report of shots fired and a fight that erupted in the food court at "jam-packed'' Chicago Ridge mall caused its evacuation and early closure Saturday night in the southwest suburb.

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Some homeless in Chicago live by asking for money on expressway ramps

Many people who are homeless in Chicago panhandle at expressway ramps. Linda Paul met some to learn about how their system helps them survive.

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Illinois inmate dies 3 hours after seeking medical care

Eighty to a hundred people die in Illinois prisons every year. Inmates complain about health care, but Illinois Department of Corrections insists it does a good job.

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Chicago among safest U.S. cities for pedestrians

Pedestrians are less likely to be killed in traffic accidents in the Chicago area than in most of the nation’s big cities, a new study indicates. The Chicago area came in No. 45 among the country’s 51 largest metro areas for pedestrians killed per 100

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Chicago Not Actually ‘Murder Capital’ Of, Well, Anything

Thanks to recent headlines, you'd think the FBI rolled out the red carpet and handed Chicago a beautiful, hand-engraved (in cursive!) plaque that reads Murderiest Murder City in Murderland. In reality, the FBI did no such thing. Here's a closer look at th

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ACLU raises red flag over Chicago's traffic cameras

Chicago’s switch to a new red-light camera vendor that uses radar technology will allow hundreds of cameras installed at busy intersections to pan in all directions — worrying civil libertarians who fear an invasion of privacy.