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'Targeted Hygiene' Embraces Some Dirt and Germs

Targeted hygiene means intervening with kids and their environment, but only when you can stop the risk of infection

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Childhood Illnesses Every Parent Should Know With Pictures

Croup, strep, glue ear, and Kawasaki disease are among 24 illnesses parents must know. Symptoms and pictures from WebMD help parents know when to call the doctor.

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Parents denied access to their children's medical records by law

At the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, parents are no longer able to see information about their child once they turn 12.

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The Trump Plan Will Help Working Mothers

Ivanka Trump, daughter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, writes that her father wants to empower working and stay-at-home parents and give families freedom of choice in child care.

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Learning to Live With a Child's Allergies

You read every ingredient in everything you buy. You come to know certain products so well that when they get a new ingredient, it’s like a friend getting a haircut.