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Antibiotic Exposure in Children Under Age 2 Associated with Chronic Conditions - Be part of the knowledge - ReachMD

ScienceDaily.com Children under age 2 who take antibiotics are at greater risk for childhood-onset asthma, respiratory allergies, eczema, celiac disease, obesity, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, according to a paper written jointly by Mayo C

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Ex-DHS Agent: 10,000 Children Trafficked Into US as Sex Slaves Each Year

About 10,000 children are smuggled into the US every year to be sold as sex slaves, according to a former Homeland Security agent.

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Parents Advised Not to Give Decongestants to Young Children

Decongestants used to treat symptoms of the common cold are largely ineffective and should mostly be avoided, a new study says. They can even be dangerous.

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Managing Anxiety and Building Resilience in Kids: How Nutrition Can Help

The life-changing links between resilience, anxiety and nutrition, including common nutrient shortfalls and metabolic imbalances.