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How to know if you have high cholesterol and the best ways to lower it

High cholesterol is often the result of an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, smoking cigarettes, obesity, or genetics. Here's how to lower it.

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Is Red Meat Dangerous?

Food researchers are starting to change their tune on the heart risks of red meat, news that will be warmly greeted by steak lovers everywhere.

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Is Red Rice Yeast A Good Statin Alternative For High LDL Cholesterol Levels? - DrWeil.com

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Does Full-Fat Dairy Promote Heart Disease? Research Says No

Saturated fats do not clog your arteries; on the contrary, these fats are important for optimal health, and actually combat many of today's chronic diseases.

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Cholesterol Drugs Quiz: Statins, Benefits, and More

When it comes to cholesterol meds, can you tell facts from fiction?

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What is it about Cinnamon?

Once upon a time cinnamon was more valuable than gold. And while these days, most of us would rather get our hands on 24 karats instead of 24 ounces – a gold bar over a brown stick – this bark-cum-spice

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Is Coconut Oil All It's Cracked Up to Be?

I admit I was late to join the coconut oil craze, but it’s quickly become a staple in my pantry—and not just because it’s delicious. Still, coconut oil is very high in saturated fat (about 90%)—a type of fat that has, for quite some time, been ass

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Stress Raises Cholesterol More Than You Think

Of all the factors contributing to high cholesterol, many cardiologists say one often goes unmentioned in advice for patients: stress.

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To Lower Cholesterol, Try a Foray Into the Mediterranean Diet

Even when taking a cholesterol-lowering drug, healthy eating, such as the Mediterranean diet, and exercise are needed to maximize benefits, experts say.