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How to opt out of Chrome’s user tracking tool that replaces cookies – BGR

Google promised a few weeks ago that it would not develop new user-tracking tools once it kills third-party cookies in the near future. Cookies are part of the current web-browsing experience on desktop and mobile.

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Google’s next big Chrome update will rewrite the rules of the web

Google’s impending takedown of third-party cookies in Chrome is a big win for privacy. And Google

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Google Just Gave Millions Of Users A Reason To Quit Chrome

Google Chrome is now running software inside it which may make many users uncomfortable...

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How to ditch Google Chrome for Firefox

How to break your Google Chrome habit and escape to the loving, privacy-protected embrace of Mozilla's Firefox browser.

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This Chrome extension blocks distracting sites like Facebook and YouTube

How much extra work could you get done over the course of a day if you had an assistant looking over your shoulder, shooing you away from the biggest time-sucks of the Internet like Facebook and Yo…

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Chrome’s new design brings fresh problems for Google to fix

Even though Google gave Chrome a makeover with an entirely new look, a number of users would like the option to revert back to an older build of the browser for more stability. Chrome's new design also brought new problems, and many users are reporti

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I compared Google's Chrome browser with its No. 1 competitor — and the winner was clear

I'm always on the lookout for the best app that I use most often: the web browser. So here's how Google Chrome stacks up against Mozilla Firefox.

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Google Chrome launches pop-up muting and other ad-blocking features

Chrome developers announced Thursday that the newest Chrome update, Chrome 64 Beta, will allow you to mute annoying autoplay videos.

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10 free Chrome hacks that will change the way you browse the Internet

Google’s Chrome web browser accounted for 31.41% of global desktop browsing in November, according to Net Marketshare. That makes it the second most popular browser in the world behind Internet Explorer, which had a global market share of 50.03% in No

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Google finally cutting off Chrome updates on Windows XP and Vista | PCWorld

Google announced Tuesday that it will finally stop providing updates to users of Microsoft's nearly geriatric, insecure operating system.

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Firefox is about to work a lot more like Chrome | The Verge

Mozilla is beginning to make a series of changes to Firefox that'll make certain aspects of the browser operate a lot more like Chrome. The changes are broadly designed to make Firefox more secure...

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​Did the browser wars finally end in 2014?

After a decade, have the browser wars finally ended? My review of what's new for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Opera says yes.

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Chrome Is Now More Popular Than Internet Explorer

Google Chrome has edged out Microsoft's Internet Explorer in the ongoing battle of the browsers, according to Adobe Digital Report (ADI) data.