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From Chuck Berry to Muddy Waters: 15 of Keith Richards’ favourite songs

We've pulled together a list of Keith Richards 15 most inspirational songs and musicians as we look at the songs which shaped The Rolling Stones guitarist

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The moment Chuck Berry punched Keith Richards in the face

We dip into our Far Out Magazine vault to bring one of the most brilliant stories we've ever come across as Chuck Berry punches Keith Richards

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Months After His Death, Chuck Berry Gets His First Music Video

A thrilling dance sequence unfolds at a high school sock hop to the gritty chug of Chuck Berry's "Big Boys."

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Listen to a New Chuck Berry Song

After all those years of duck-walking, crisscrossing the United States on tour, and giving his disciples and imitators hell, the man still had it.

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How a St. Louis neighborhood called the Ville helped define Chuck Berry's art

Chuck Berry was to St. Louis what Prince was to Minneapolis, what Elvis was to Memphis and what Sinatra was to New Jersey: Its citizens didn’t agree on much, but Berry was sacrosanct.

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Chuck Berry, Fiery and Flinty Rock ’n’ Roll Innovator - The New York Times

With songs like “Roll Over Beethoven” and “Johnny B. Goode,” Mr. Berry, who died on Saturday, created a sound and style that made him the genre’s first true superstar.

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Chuck Berry Was the Sound of 20th Century America | Pitchfork

Chuck Berry released his first single “Maybellene” in 1955, not long after the century he would help define reached its midpoint. Rock’n’roll was busy being born, set off four years earlier by “Rocket 88,” the Ike Turner side sung by Jackie Brenston that is often acknowledged as the genre’s first single.

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Rolling Stones: Chuck Berry's Music 'Is Engraved Inside Us' - Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stones paid tribute to rock & roll innovator Chuck Berry, both as a band and individually, in a series of statements following his death.

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Peter Guralnick on Why Chuck Berry Is Greater Than You Think - Rolling Stone

Peter Guralnick looks back on meetings with Chuck Berry stretching back nearly 40 years, and explains why his genius is deeper than it seems.

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Chuck Berry: 10 Country Music Covers | Rolling Stone

From Marty Robbins to Emmylou Harris, country artists have a long history of interpreting the rock pioneer's songs

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Bon Jovi Pays Tribute to Chuck Berry | Billboard

Bon Jovi paid tribute to the late Chuck Berry Saturday night (March 18) with a cover of his iconic song "Johnny B. Goode" at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

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Chuck Berry was a master of detail whose music defined a genre

To think of Berry’s work as simple — as vague or without specifics — is a profound misunderstanding of the compositions and classic recordings that made him a star.

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Chuck Berry Announces First Studio Album in 38 Years, Chuck | Pitchfork

The most trusted voice in music.

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Chuck Berry's Bottomless Vault: Inside His Epic 21-Hour Box Set | Rolling Stone

A new box set collects everything Chuck Berry ever recorded – from rock to blues to WTF disco.

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Chuck Berry to get music's 'Nobel Prize' - Telegraph

Chuck Berry, famed for hits such as Roll Over Beethoven and Maybellene, will receive the 2014 Polar Music Prize, the musical equivalent of a Nobel prize