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Biden Allows the Mask to Slip; Exposes a Key Tactic of the Transformative Left

It was a comment that almost certainly found Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod – as well as the army of far-Left activists and operatives at their disposal – cringing. Of all of the gaffes and misstatements President Biden has made in the short time h

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HILLARY: If GOP Senators Don’t Convict Trump, It Proves They’re Guilty ‘Co-Conspirators’

Hillary Clinton, the twice failed Democrat presidential candidate and former-Obama Secretary of State responsible for the slaughter at Benghazi, has

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Dominion Confirms Clinton Foundation Donation, Former Pelosi Staffer Link - Geller Report News

Pelosi Chief of Staff Nadeam Elshami “is part of a lobbying team representing Dominion."

How is this even remotely ethical?

Is there not one honest Democrat in the whole of that cesspool?

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Clinton Whistleblowers: Thursday's Public Hearing to Reveal "Explosive" Information - Sara A. Carter

A trove of documents on the Clinton Foundation alleging possible pay for play and tax evasion have been turned over to the FBI and IRS by several investigative whistleblowers, who will be testifying in an open hearing before the House Oversight and Govern

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Clinton Foundation ‘Pay to Play’ Model Under Investigation [Infographic]

News Analysis Click on the infographic to enlarge. The Clinton Foundation has raised more than $2 billion since ...

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Scam Exposed: Donations To Clinton Foundation Plummeted After Clinton Lost The Election | Investor's Business Daily

During the 2016 campaign many wondered whether the Clinton Foundation was a legitimate charity or a pay-to-play scam. The latest data provide the answer.

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It’s time to take the ‘Clinton’ out of the Clinton Foundation

Once again Hillary Clinton is having to answer embarrassing questions about what Sen. Bernie Sanders once called “your damn emails.” This time it’s about emails from Clinton’s tenure as secretary of State that show that her office wasn’t as ins

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Newly Released Emails Highlight Clinton Foundation’s Ties to State Department

A conservative watchdog group on Tuesday released 296 pages of emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s personal server, including many exchanges that weren’t handed over to the government as part of the Democratic nominee’s archive

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Nations Clinton Bashes For Terrorism Gave BIG BUCKS To Clinton Foundation

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton harshly criticized three countries for directly funding terrorists who are actively seeking to attack the United States and Western Europe. The governments of this t

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Bill Clinton Defends His Foundation's Foreign Money - NBC News.com

Bill Clinton says he has no regrets about taking millions in foreign cash for his foundation — even though the donations have caused a political headache for...