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10 cocktails every cocktail geek needs to know how to make

From Scotch to Mulled Wine, there is a tasty cocktail to suit every taste. Check out the ten essential cocktails you need to create!

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The ‘Mad Men’ era of drinking is upon us - The Washington Post

Don Draper would approve. If it seems like everyone at the bar these days is trading in beer for bourbon, it's not just in your imagination.

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The 50 Best Movie & TV Bartenders of All Time, Ranked

We've taken it upon ourselves to rank our favorite TV and movie bartenders from worst to best. But we're not ranking them by how…

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10 Mad Men-Inspired Retro DIYs | Brit + Co

After a brutal year-long wait, Mad Men is finally back on our television screens with the very last batch of episodes as the award-winning series comes to a close. In honor of the show’s envy-worthy retro 1960s style, we’re sharing a list of DIYs that are perfect for making a fashion statement, showing off at a dinner party or upgrading your home decor. Scroll on for hacks that effortlessly allow you to hold on to a small piece of this beloved show and its incredibly stylish time period.

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Underrated Cocktail Cities in America - New Cocktail Scenes

When you think of craft cocktails, one of the first things that comes to mind are the hallowed temples from which their complex amaro'd flavors spew forth. Most folks still direct their prayers towards the mixology mecca of NYC, but now that there's a stereotypically fancy cocktail bar in every city, the city that never sleeps isn't the only place to go for a mezcal-fueled twist on a Negroni with an ice cube the size of a Big Apple.

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Drinking With 'Mad Men': Cocktail Culture And The Myth Of Don Draper : The Salt : NPR

The culture of retro cocktails that the show helped reignite is intriguing, considering how much of Mad Men is actually about excessive — even abusive — drinking.

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America drinks just as much as it did in the Mad Men era

Mad Men can make the 1960s seem like a non-stop booze-fest. Do not be fooled.

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10 Bourbons You Can Afford to Drink Every. Single. Day.

They're all under $40. Some are under $20. If you could afford to drink very good bourbon every day, your life would be as amazing as Leonardo DiCaprio's, except instead of cruising around on boats full of models, you'd be drinking very good bourbon -- and other men would admire you instead of hating you. Here's the fun part...

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What Your Drink Says About You - Cocktail Drinkers Personality

Go shave your face, Scotch guy.

Like it or not, the drink you order when you go to a bar tells a lot about you. So, after years of exhaustive research going to bars and staring at people and judging them, we've compiled this shorthand list detailing traits most commonly associated with certain drinks. Be afraid, mojito-drinker. Be very afraid.

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Cutty Sark's Prohibition Scotch Is The Greatest Thing Since The End of Prohibition

Prohibition Edition is the alcoholic equivalent to Rosie Perez or Niles from Frasier.

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What Happened to Drinking Before Noon? - Esquire

Last month I acted as official witness for two friends as they got their marriage license. Afterward, she went to work while he asked if I'd like to celebrate with a drink.

It was 10 A.M. on a Tuesday.

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‘Stodgy’ scotch on the rocks as Mad Men turns the young on to bourbon | Life and style | The Guardian

British brand recruits David Beckham to take on foreign rivals, such as Sinatra’s beloved Jack Daniel’s

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Best New Bars In America - Tiki Tolteca, NoMad Bar, Parliament

Sit back and relax with something spirituous and strong, and drink in our favorite new bars of 2014.

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10Best: Tiki bars around the USA

In the expanding world of nightlife, the tiki bar remains a cheerful drinking outpost.

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Map: The Most Popular Cocktail In Every State

What's the most popular cocktail in your state? This map has the answer.