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You Can Get Paid $1000 to Drink Coffee for a Month—As Long as You Avoid Chains

If you love Starbucks and Dunkin', Business.org wants to pay you $1000 to ditch the chains for a month and seek out your local coffee shops.

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Can customers bring dogs into Starbucks and other coffee shops? - LA Times

“Lately I see more and more people are bringing their dogs to pick up coffee. Does L.A. County or city law allow it?”

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Get caffeinated at these five new L.A.-area coffee shops

Finding a great cup of coffee in Los Angeles isn’t hard nowadays; it’s certainly easier, anyway, than catching Snorlax in “Pokemon Go.” Indeed, specialty coffee shops have opened across Los Angeles at a rapid clip over the last few years. As have

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The Most Comprehensive Map of Where To Get a Cup of Coffee in Chicago

From every Starbucks to your neighborhood shop, we show you where you can get a cup anywhere in Chicago.

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There's an indie coffee shop like this in every city in America

That coffee grinder costs more than your car...