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Recently Declassified Soviet Video Shows the Biggest Nuclear Explosion in History

Tsar Bomba—the biggest hydrogen bomb ever—detonated in October 1961, and the Soviet Union caught it on tape.

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The China Challenge: Lessons from the Cold War

Published May 3, 2023 The ongoing competition between the United States and China is reminiscent of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. As China’s expanding global ambitions raise concerns, historical lessons from the Soviet challenge—recognizing the glob

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When Howard Hughes Helped the CIA on a Top-Secret Mission

In 1968, when the CIA needed help with an audacious Cold War operation, officials decided that eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes would be the perfect man for the job.

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In Protecting The KGB, Gorbachev Laid The Foundation For Putin’s Gangster-State

Gorbachev has died, but the KGB that he nurtured and protected lives on under an ungrateful Vladimir Putin.

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Monster Moves: The Mach 3 SR-71 Blackbird Somehow Outran 4,000 Enemy Missiles - 19FortyFive

The SR-71 is still the fastest plane on Earth, even though the U.S. military has no use for it anymore. And it made serious history.

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Opinion: America Surrenders to China

The United States is mired in a succession crisis. There is much loose talk about another civil war erupting between supporters of President-elect Joe Biden...

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Midcentury modern design got its start as Cold War propaganda

Before midcentury was a household name, the State Department used MoMA’s “Good Design” exhibitions to sell the American vision of consumerism abroad.

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Omar Criticizes Cold War Policy To Distract From Venezuela Atrocities

Apparently, Rep. Ilhan Omar tolerates large-scale abuses when they are committed by a far-left thug propped up by Russia, China, and Cuba.

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What Was the Cold War? | PragerU

The decades-long “Cold War” (1947-1989) between the United States and the Soviet Union was so named because the two global powers never came to direct blows. Yet, the war was not without its victims. In fact, millions of Cubans, Koreans and Vietnamese

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The Never-Trumpers Are Never Coming Back - Rasmussen Reports®

Rasmussen Reports - The best place to look for polls that are spot on

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This declassified US intelligence report from 1990 is one of the most terrifying things you'll ever read

The 1983 US-Soviet "war scare" is one of the most controversial episodes of the Cold War. Now we...

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'107 feet of fire-breathing titanium': A US Air Force major describes flying the fastest plane in history

In the 1960s, when a single military incident had the potential to spark a nuclear war, the US government needed a surveillance plane that absolutely could not be detected, intercepted, or shot down.

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15 Incredible Facts About the SR-71 Blackbird (With Even MORE Incredible Photos!)

The SR-71 Blackbird was a strategic reconnaissance (SR) aircraft built by Lockheed Martin and designed by Clarence Johnson. It took flight in 1964 and kept going until being retired by NASA in 1999. Although this next-gen-looking aircraft never made it to

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Flipping Hollywood’s Blacklist Narrative

Once on a British talk show in the early 1970s, anticommunist actor John Wayne startled the host by acknowledging that there was indeed a Hollywood blacklist.  Wayne's follow-up, however, made the ...

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Drone footage shows derelict remains of Chernobyl - CNN.com

Drone footage captures derelict remains left in the wake of Chernobyl nuclear disaster 30 years later.

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8 Creative Ways People Went Over the Berlin Wall | Mental Floss

Although the East German government fortified the barrier with everything from watchtowers to guard dogs to beds of nails, a few people managed to slip over the border in amazing ways.

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Another liberal myth bites the dust - Hot Air

When they were first introduced, they represented a threat to humanity. Today, the first phase of their quiet death was completed, without them ever having fulfilled what so many said would be their destiny as weapons that would ignite the first sparks of WWIII.

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Abandoned Checkpoints Awaken the Ghosts of a Pre-EU Europe - Architizer

The incredibly intricate political battles that followed the 20th century's world wars are often overlooked in Europe's current era of porous borders. But merely decades ago, fortifications and roadblocks proliferated across the continent to delin

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Rest in Peace: Wartime Relics Reclaimed by the Land and Sea - NBC News

German photographer Dietmar Eckell traveled to 14 countries, photographing abandoned and decaying military installations and equipment.