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Yarn Vending Machine Comes to Philadelphia | Mental Floss

The vending machine, which lives in a barber shop, is full of brightly colored yarn skeins created by a local crochet designer.

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15 Ways to DIY With Wine Crates

I am a reluctant DIYer. There are stacks of empty jars and patterned paper and rustic wood sitting around my house just waiting for the perfect project to

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10 DIY Projects to Transform Your Outdoor Space This Weekend | Apartment Therapy

This is beautiful time of year. It's bearable to be outside, and, so, suddenly, all you want to do is be outside. If the unusually temperate weather has got you thinking about improving your outdoor space, we've got ten projects that will help you make th

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15 Vintage Crafts We Should Bring Back | Mental Floss

Everything old is new again, especially when it comes to crafting. Some of these vintage crafts are already enjoying a resurgence; others may be waiting for you to bring them back to life.

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Use the Force: 10 Crafts & Activities to Indulge Your Star Wars Side

When it comes to Star Wars fantasies, young Jedis dream big. Help them awaken the force with these great crafts and activities.

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10 Fun Ways To Upcycle Empty Booze Bottles - Neatorama

Enjoying a libation or ten with friends can be fun, but the next day you're left with a heavy head and a heavy load of bottles and cans to clean up.Depending on how much you and your friends drank the night before you might end up with hundreds of bottles

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How to Make a Backyard Tipi - Sunset

Create your own outdoor fort with our step-by-step instructions for making your own backyard tipi.

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Why crafting is good for mental health | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Studies show that complex and creative activities like knitting, cake decorating or crossword puzzles can create a non-medicinal, feel-good high.

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Couple reuses items to make their art

Box of Sugar is the ArtCoz Artist of the Month

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This is the $150 computer I built with my daughter

From Yahoo Games: The joy of the $150 computer for children is that no one has to be afraid of it. $150 isn't a small amount of money, but the Kano Computer was designed to be handled and used by children. The brain of the system is a Raspberry Pi board,

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Make: Upcycled & Personalized Glass Water Bottle « A Golden Afternoon

I am always a fan of a practical project that replaces an expensive purchase. Everyone loves to save some money, right? Since we switched completely over to glass storage from plastic a while back, I immediately got slammed with the price-tag of the fancy glass water bottles. Don’t get me wrong, I really really love our fancy glass water bottles. They are pretty and useful. However, I have only brought myself to buy one for each of us because they are $25-$30!!! So, naturally, I decided to make my own. The kids have taken them to soccer practice, in the car, and anywhere else you would take a plastic water bottle…without the waste.

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Tutorial : Macrame Lawn Chair

Hello everybody and welcome to the first ever Henhouse video tutorial. I know crazy, right? I’m not super good at these sorts of things so please let me know if I am missing any vital information. In the below vid you will see the looping method tha

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Maya Angelou and Quilters

Maya Angelou died on Wednesday, May 28 at the age of 86. She was truly a national treasure known for her books, poems, teaching and politics. Maya Angelou and quilters share a bond as well because she also was an actress and performed  in the movie How t