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Ex-Obama staffer blows whistle on Biden 'kickback scheme' after Hunter joined Burisma: 'Malfeasance in office'

Former White House stenographer Mike McCormick wants to testify in the Hunter Biden grand jury probe on then-vice president Joe Biden's "crimes" to "enrich his family."

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Don't forget to declare income from stolen goods and illegal activities, IRS says

Don’t forget to report to the IRS any income you brought in from drug deals, bribes, stolen goods, prostitution or other illegal activity.

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California Supreme Court Rules Thousands Of Sex Offenders Are Eligible For Early Release

On Monday, the California Supreme Court ruled that thousands of inmates convicted of non-forcible sex crimes may be eligible for early release under a

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County officials move to close Men’s Central Jail in downtown L.A., invest in health care-based responses

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted to initiate a plan to close the Men’s Central Jail in downtown L.A. within the year, officials said. The panel vowed “to reinvest any savings from closing the facility towards health-based respo

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Why Criminal Prosecution Might Be The Least Of Ilhan Omar’s Concerns

Rep. Ilhan Omar needs competent immigration counsel to ensure that there is no threat of her losing her citizenship, or, worse, the prospect of deportation.

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Dummies find out why it’s a bad idea to rob a gun store

A group of suspects tried to rob a gun store in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, only to be chased down and detained by the store’s employees. The four individuals, two of whom are minors, were charg…

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Tammy Bruce: California's latest contradictions -- Welcoming criminals but warning about 'dangerous' coffee | Fox News

The same week that a number of cities and counties in California sued their own state over the dangerous law making the state a “sanctuary” for illegal alien criminals, a judge issued a ruling to save Californians from themselves and their coffee-drin

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Man who killed Ohio police K-9 sentenced to 45 years in prison

The man who shot and killed an Ohio police K-9 has been sentenced to 45 years in prison.