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Report: 84% of marketing leaders use predictive analytics, but struggle with data-driven decisions

Pecan AI’s report on predictive analytics helps marketing teams tackling challenges with AI, wherever they are on the adoption curve.

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With more data available than ever, are companies making smarter decisions? | TechCrunch

Baseball is like a laboratory for advanced statistical analysis, and businesses could learn a lot from watching how the sport deals with expanding datasets.

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Data labeling will fuel the AI revolution | VentureBeat

Labeling data for AI using the right techniques helps companies make better decisions and has a measurable impact on business success.

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Twitter says it unintentionally misused user data for advertising

Users saw adds targeted based on email and phone numbers provided for security.

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How early-stage startups can use data effectively | TechCrunch

TechCrunch - Reporting on the business of technology, startups, venture capital funding, and Silicon Valley

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AT&T reaches settlement with FTC over throttling- 9to5Mac

The FTC initially sued AT&T over its deceptive unlimited data claims, saying that the carrier failed to inform customers they would face throttling.

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The Difference Between How Younger and Older Gen Xers Use Social Media – Adweek

They also have differing streaming habits.

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6 Times “Opting Out” Doesn’t Actually Stop Data Collection

Telling a company you want out doesn’t necessarily mean it stops collecting, or even sharing, your data.

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'The Data Doesn't Lie': Trump's Digital Guru Explains How They Won the Election | Fox News Insider

Brad Parscale, former digital director for the Trump campaign, spoke out on "The Kelly File" tonight in his first-ever television interview.

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I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise. - The Washington Post

Evidence suggests that no one broad gun-control restriction could make a big difference.

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What it's like to have the best job in America right now

If you've ever wondered what exactly a "data scientist" is or does, wonder no more.

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‘10 Concerts’ Facebook Meme May Reveal More Than Musical Tastes

Privacy experts said the specific answers posted in response to the meme could be used by marketers to target ads or by hackers to breach secure accounts.

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Data transmission rates are hitting ludicrous speeds in the lab

magine a world without buffering, a world where downloading HD movies takes less than one second, a world where your favorite web pages load before you even take your finger off the enter button. Don’t fret, we’re getting closer.

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5 Ways to Use Data to Inform Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

As illustrated in last week’s post, being data focused can help support your intuition as a marketer and ensure your efforts are reaping results for your business. The same logic applies to your so…