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Criminal Record Expungement: How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Criminal defense record can have serious impact on anyone's life. Even in the case of no conviction, only arrest in your profile can show up in your profile. This needs to be declared in for you jobs application or going to rent a place and can leave bad effect. In such situation, record expungement can be a real help.

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After delays, Israel successfully tests Arrow 3 long-range missile interceptor

Early morning exercise carried out with US agency after two tests called off at last minute in recent months

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Why Israel has the most technologically advanced military on Earth

In 1950, just two years after the state of Israel was founded, the country’s first commercial delegation set off for South America. Israel desperately needed trading partners. Unlike its Arab adver…

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Patent Granted for Anthrax Elimination System

In addition to the patents held for healthcare-based enclosed space disinfection applications, Medizone International, Inc. has now been awarded a patent for its government variant of AsepticSure, intended for use by defense agencies as a response to a bi

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Watch the U.S. military's next-generation fighter jet float in mid-air

The Pentagon's long-awaited and extremely controversial F-35 fighter jet is the most expensive defense program ever. But finally, we may be starting to find out why the Defense Department has gone through all the trouble