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Democrats Cannot Impeach Trump, and You Can’t Impeach Him After Leaving Office: Dershowitz

Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said Democrats have virtually no chance of successfully impeaching and removing President ...

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Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax TV: Lawsuits Should Have Come Before Election

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Dershowitz: Trump trial is my 'worst controversy' | TheHill

Celebrity attorney Alan Dershowitz has become the lightning rod of the Senate impeachment trial. 

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Dershowitz: I never said a president could do anything to get reelected | TheHill

People are deliberately distorting my argument in the impeachment trial.

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Furious 'View' Hosts Mock, Shout Down Dershowitz in Meltdown Over Impeachment

President Trump impeachment defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz appeared on The View Wednesday and was put through the wringer by the extremely hostile hosts who sighed, rolled their eyes and mocked their guest for daring to bring up U.S. history, in his defen

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Alan Dershowitz Says He Will Not Take Any Payment for Work on Trump’s Impeachment Defense Team

Attorney Alan Dershowitz said that he does not plan to accept any payments for work on President Donald Trump's impeachment defense team.

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Alan Dershowitz went off on this anti-Israel student and it was EPIC

Allan Dershowitz is fantastic when he responds to an Arab woman who tries to explain how Israel has caused the horrible plight of the "Palestinians."

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Dershowitz: Mueller Has Found 'Almost No Crimes' From Before Russia Probe Started | Fox News Insider

The indictment of Roger Stone is a "typical Mueller indictment," according to Alan Dershowitz.

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WATCH: Alan Dershowitz Says He Will ‘Fight Within The Party’ Against Radical Democrats

On Sunday, Harvard Law professor emeritus and legal scholar Alan Dershowitz appeared on "Fox & Friends" with host Pete Hegseth to discuss the possibility that Democrats, should they take the House in the November midterm elections, would attempt to in

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WATCH: Dershowitz Says Kavanaugh Has A ‘Core Right’ To Confront His Accuser

As Democratic lawmakers are attempting to delay Kavanaugh's confirmation by demanding that Republicans not "bully" his accuser into testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz is saying that the Supreme Cou

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Dershowitz: Trump 'more correct than his critics are' with claims about Daniels, McDougal payments | Fox News

Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said Wednesday that President Trump did nothing wrong if he gave Michael Cohen money out of his pocket to pay women to keep them quiet about claims they had sexual relationships with him more than a de

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Dershowitz: Manafort's Crime 'Is Being Associated with Donald Trump' - They're Trying to 'Squeeze' Him | Breitbart

On Tuesday's broadcast of the Fox News Channel's "Tucker Carlson Tonight, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz stated that Paul Manafort's "crime is | Breitbart TV

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Dershowitz: Americans Deserve to Hear Strzok Explain Anti-Trump Text Messages | Fox News Insider

Alan Dershowitz joined the "Fox & Friends" co-hosts on Thursday to react to FBI agent Peter Strzok's closed-door testimony to lawmakers.

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Alan Dershowitz Is Enjoying This :: WRAL.com

CHILMARK, Mass. — This is what McCarthyism evidently looks like on Martha’s Vineyard.

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Alan Dershowitz slams Martha's Vineyard liberals for 'shunning' him over Trump defense | Fox News

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz said last week that his defense of President Donald Trump’s constitutional rights led to him being “shunned” by his own friends at a high-end seasonal destination.

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Trump travel ban survived because it doesn’t ban all Muslims: Alan Dershowitz | Fox Business

The Supreme Court decision to uphold President Trump's travel ban survived a close ruling because it didn’t prohibit all Muslims, according to Alan Dershowitz.

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Alan Dershowitz: Trump foes seek to take away his legal rights -- endangering everyone's rights | Fox News

The anti-Trump forces are now so desperate to get the president convicted of a crime or impeached that they are prepared to compromise the most basic due process rights of the president and people associated with him.

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Alan Dershowitz: We need a new law to protect lawyer-client communications | Fox News

The raid on President Trump’s lawyer dramatically demonstrates the need for new legislation to assure that no FBI agents or U.S. attorneys ever get to read privileged communications between a lawyer and a client, a doctor and patient, a priest and penit

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Dershowitz: Robert Mueller Is 'a Zealot' | Breitbart

Sunday on New York AM 970 radio's "The Cats Roundtable," Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz ripped special counsel Robert Mueller, calling him "a zealot." “I think Mueller is a zealot," Dershowitz told host John Catsimatidi

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Mueller violated Michael Cohen's constitutional rights | Daily Mail Online

Dershowitz said that 'if the government improperly seizes private or privileged material, the violation has already occurred, even if the government never uses them.'

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Dershowitz On Special Counsel: The Investigation Should End « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

Attorney Alan Dershowitz said Wednesday that he is fearful of the criminalization of political differences in today's discourse.

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Obama pulls a bait-and-switch on anti-Israel Security Council vote

The Obama administration is attempting to justify its abstention from blocking a UN Security Council resolution against Israel by focusing on "new" settlement building.

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Dershowitz Rips Obama on Iran: Couldn't 'Negotiate a One-month Lease' - Breitbart

Famed defense attorney and retired Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz ripped President Barack Obama in an address to a conference of pro-Israel activists in Los Angeles on Saturday evening. Dershowitz, who backed Obama in both the 2008 and 2012