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An Unvaccinated Boy Got Tetanus. His Hospital Stay: 57 Days and $800,000.

The boy’s harrowing experience with the disease in 2017 was the first pediatric case of tetanus in Oregon in more than 30 years, according to a new C.D.C. report.

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Report finds cases of STDs reach all-time high in California | The Sacramento Bee

A California report finds the number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the state reached a record high in 2017.

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Infectious diseases can be tackled, here are 3 solutions | TheHill

One way is to implement preventive and treatment strategies as soon as possible.

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CDC: Diseases From Mosquitoes, Fleas and Ticks Have Tripled | Time

A CDC report shows that diseases spread by mosquitoes, ticks and fleas—like Zika and Lyme disease—have more than tripled from 2004 to 2016.

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Eye-opening maps reveal how and where Americans die

Maps using government health data weave a telling set of stories from raw numbers, and they can help inform where future treatments are needed most.

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Gene study confirms low Vitamin D, multiple sclerosis link

A major genetic study Tuesday confirmed a link between low vitamin D and a higher risk of multiple sclerosis, a finding which experts say could lead to better treatment and prevention. Previous observational studies have found an association between a per

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Ahead of Alzheimer’s meeting, researchers seize on signs of progress

From Yahoo News: By Bill Berkrot and Ransdell Pierson NEW YORK (Reuters) - After decades of Alzheimer’s research that led to dead ends, including 123 drugs that failed, top researchers in the field say they are far more confident now of producing an eff

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Measles carries risk of a terrifying, always-fatal and rare complication

Measles is commonly thought to be a one-time deal: Get it once, survive, and you’re immune for life.

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The Most Distinctive Causes of Death by State, 2001-2010