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These are the 19 ways your dog is secretly communicating with you | Fox News

Scientists have discovered dogs use 19 signals dogs to try and communicate with their human pals.

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4 Dog Facial Expressions and What They Mean

Learn what those "puppy dog eyes" are really saying. We take a look at 4 dog facial expressions to help you decipher your dog's expressions.

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Mac and Me: The Psyche of a Dog and the Axes of Awareness

Experiences with Mac (our Labradoodle) shifted my own understanding of what training a dog is about. I realized that when the relationship of close communication between a person and their dog happens, the dog works for the owner. The work keeps the dog fully engaged and occupied. It’s fun for a dog to have something to do — a job, a purpose. And in the process the owner gains insight into their own process and connects through the dog to a deep layer of their own unconscious.