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Why Dogs Stick Their Head Out of the Car Window

Learn why your dog sticks their head out the car window and how this can be dangerous for not only your dog, but yourself and other drivers.

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Keep Your Dog Safe from Accidents - Whole Dog Journal

In a 48-hour period last weekend, three dogs who are very close to me ended up in veterinary emergency rooms. It was a very weird aggregation of events – but each event was avoidable, and each dog’s owner has taken responsibility for their dog’s pot

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Dog Deaths Now Linked to This Pentobarbital Tainted Food

Many pets have died from eating food contaminated with pentobarbital in recent years, and the problem appears to be continuing with this recent recall.

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5 Tips for Pet Safety this Fall

As a pet owner, pet safety should be one of your top priorities when looking out for your cats and dogs. Be diligent and keep an eye on the environment

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Dog-proofing Your Backyard | Dog Safety Advice

A how-to guide for dog-proofing your backyard and preventing your pet from getting loose—from fences to electric collars.

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Life-Saving Carabiners | The Bark

Equipment can and does fail from time to time. Collars break, leashes slip out of hands and gates fly open. I’m a very responsible person prone to excessive checking and re-checking, yet I have had every one of these things happen to me at some point. I

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Clickit Dog Harness - Clickit Dog Harness

Clickit Utility is similar in concept to the three-point seatbelt federally required in all vehicles. Straps enclosed in Clickit Utility's broad, padded vest hug the upper torso of a dog to absorb forward movement, while belts anchor the lower torso and r